Zichar Review: Uncle Lee Eating House at 29 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545730

I had the pleasure to be invited for a zichar tasting/review at my friend's dad's place along Upper Serangoon Road, called Uncle Lee Eating House Hoe Huat Seafood Garden. There was a straight bus for me to get there (stopping opposite the very old school Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre) and I realised it is quite close to Sunday Market, a cafe that I go to sometimes. Zichar (or stir-fry) is one of those Singaporean cuisine that is very dear to my heart - its basically an assortment of super tasty dishes from meat to veg to seafood, all wok fried or tossed in gravy. I also like the social element since zichar is best enjoyed with a group of friends or family - its too much for a person (unless you just get one rice/noodle dish) or even a pair.

Watch my vlog to see the tasting in action, haha.

Here's my review of the dishes.

The White Vermicelli (Small S$6/ Medium S$9) is probably one of my favourites that night as it could be a lunch/single person dish that is OH SO COMFORTING. Nobody to eat zichar with? Eat this. There are what I think are bits of lard in there, with some egg bits, prawns and fish cake, but what I liked was how it all came together in a silky smooth combo with a hint of "wok hei" (the smokiness from the wok). Yummy. 4/5

Oh, how I love salted egg anything, and if you don't know already, they can be found mostly in zichar places (until bakeries start catching on, that is). So this crunchy salted egg chicken (S$8) just hits the spot for me. The chicken pieces themselves are quite hard, but not that dry. You won't mind it anyway because of that generous coating of sweet, salty salted egg with a bit of a chilli/curry leaf kick. 3.5/5

Then, an even better rendition - with fish skin! The salted egg fish skin (S$10) is truly scrumptious and great as an appetizer. So crunchy and crispy, plus there's some omega hidden underneath all the salted egg goodness :P 4/5

Some stir-fry sambal kangkong (S$6) as well to include a bit of green. This is properly SPICY from the sambal so be warned! Super shiok (max enjoyment) to have this with a bit of rice, as it is the practice of having zichar that one must order at least 1 veg dish. 4/5

The cereal sotong (S$8), or cereal calamari (haha) was yummy too. The squid was not rubbery at all - very tender and juicy, coupled with the crunch from the fried sweet-and-salty cereal. Don't be blur as sotong and skip out on this dish if you are there! 4/5

Then there's this Golden Tofu Fluffy Pillows (S$8) that is so simply, but truly requires some mad skills. The interior of the lightly fried, cripsy interior was silky smooth white tofu which retained its moisture and coolness despite the high heat outside. On its own its pretty plain but once you dip it in the chilli sauce, it transforms. 4/5

What we were there for though, is for this. The highlight of the night - Assam Fish Head Curry (S$24). There might be other places that are more famous for Assam Fish Head, but the one at Hoe Huat is a legit hit. The assam, like I mentioned in the video, wasn't too sour. The spices were just right for me too, though some might complain it lacks heat. I rather enjoy tasting the food with functional tastebuds, thanks. And the fish head itself was fleshy and fresh. 4.5/5

Then something more calm - a Three-Egg Spinach in Broth (S$8) dish. Made with salted egg, century egg and normal egg in a wet gravy broth. Very typical of local Singaporean/Malaysian cuisine. I found it a tad too watery though. 3/5

There's also some prawn paste chicken (S$8) to be had. This I liked very much also, because compared to a lot of prawn paste chicken elsewhere, it wasn't overfried. Because when that happens the whole thing feels too dry and heaty. This is juicy and crispy with hints of prawn paste! 4.5/5

Lastly, some curry pork ribs (S$10) in case anyone's still hungry. Ha! This was really interesting since I'm more used to the coffee pork ribs. The curry sauce in there tasted exactly like the BBQ Curry flavour Twisties. Super strange and strong flavour, but I ain't complaining. A perfect complement with some rice, again. 3.5/5

Here's the interior of the restaurant. Well-ventilated, air-conditioned and simple.

You could also call +65 62866277 for free delivery with a minimum order of $20 (S$1 surcharge if under) at a maximum of one km radius (click to view map) as they deliver by bicycle/foot. They are not on UberEats or Deliveroo. View their delivery menu below (click on menu to view a bigger version in a new window).

Hoe Huat Seafood Garden Delivery Menu

Great stuff! For anyone looking for a new zichar venue for family dinner on weekends, or even friends gathering or bringing tourists around, I would recommend for you guys to check out Uncle Lee Eating House. Be sure to get their Assam Fish Head Curry, order some fish skin, golden pillow tofu, prawn paste chicken, cereal sotong and spicy kangkong.

Uncle Lee Eating House
29 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545730
+65 62866277
Mondays to Saturdays 4pm to 2am, Sundays 11am to 2.30pm, 4pm to 2am
Facebook Page

Thanks to Uncle Lee for the invite!

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