Dinner and drinks review: VASCO at 42 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059681

I don't know what took me so long to get to Vasco, the South American inspired bar and bistro on Hong Kong Street (just near 28 HK St), but I finally got to it recently and never looked back! Vasco immediately pulled me back to my 3-month epic solo backpacking trip to South America last year with its decor, music and food/drinks. If one were to think of South/Latin American restaurants and bars in Singapore, perhaps there's Tiger's Milk (great place for ceviche btw) on Ann Siang, but that's more Peruvian.. and then there's Super Loco at Customs House, but again, I find that to be a pale imitation of the real thing. Vasco got it right with theirs.

A selection of South American spirits and items dotted the cosy shophouse bar.

The bar was fully stocked, of course.

I really like the lighting and decor.

Here's the menu for food and drinks at Vasco. Oh, memories of Bolivia, Chile and Peru! Cocktails range from $18-22, while there are these half-sized "mixtos" for S$14-16. We knocked back a couple of those Peruvian G&Ts, and I also tried a very authentic Pisco Sour (S$20).

Vasco Singapore review

Vasco Singapore menu

Vasco Singapore cocktails

We tried a few dishes, all very Latin American of course. First was the Ensalada de Jicama (S$10), which was nicely refreshing with the crunch of the watercress. The oranges on top were a good citrusy touch. 3/5

Then for protein, we had the pork belly skewers, or Anticuchos de Cerdo (S$16). This was also surprisingly legit and very tender to bite into. Juicy, fatty, delicious. If you're having a couple of piscos, this would be the perfect accompaniment. In fact, all of the food are. 3.5/5

The Bistec Argentinian (S$34), which brought back memories of Argentina. Apologies for the lighting, it was really dark. This steak, though good, was nowhere near the Argentinian ones.. but beef was tender enough. Just don't let it sit for too long or it will get icy cold! 3.5/5

Then, my favourite among the lot - empanadas! They were a classic when I was travelling - you can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner! We had the lamb version called the Cordero (3 pieces for $13). This was really surprising delicious - the pastry skin was light and fluffy enough. 4/5

All in all, a really great place for a close-enough South American experience. Place was not too crowded on a weekday evening, and service was impeccable and warm. I'll say this could be a good alternative bar for getting a little silly without being judged (unlike its famous but secretive neighbour). Try the empanadas and knock back a couple of those Piscos!

42 Hongkong St, 059681
+65 87997085
Daily 6pm to 1am, closed on Sundays

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