Food review: Bam! Spanish Tapas Sake Bar at 38 Tras St, Singapore 078977

Went for a meal at Bam! Tapas Sake Bar along Tras St just behind Tanjong Pagar Road earlier this year for my birthday (yes I'm 5 months behind with the post) but I have to write about this place because the food here is super underrated! Even though it says Tapas Sake bar, it really was more like fine dining on Spanish-Japanese dishes and as of 2017 June, they have turned fully omakase which means the chef gets to decide what you will have that day based on what's available/fresh, which is a concept I love! That means every dining experience will be different (provided that you space it out of course..). 

The BAM! Omakase Menus are priced at the following:

Four courses: S$98++ (additional S$58++ with sake pairing)
Six courses: S$148++ (additional S$78++ with sake pairing)
Eight courses: S$188++ (additional S$98++ with sake pairing)
Vegetarian Omakase: S$78++ for four courses; S$98++ for six courses (additional S$58++ or S$98++ with sake pairing) 
Dessert Omakase: S$48++ for three courses (additional S$34++ with sake and wine pairing)

Set lunch menu: S$40++ for four courses every Tuesday to Friday from noon to 2pm
Sake-Tapas Tastings happy hour: S$48++ for five sakes and five tapas every Monday from 6 to 8pm


To be honest though I can't really remember the names of the dishes we had anymore, and the menu has changed since then and only one dish (the duck dumpling) remained. So it's just going to be photos.

We ordered ala carte, but they still gave us a very yummy pineapple (I think!) gazpacho on the house.

Our salmon sashimi with seaweed was citrusy and light while very lively in taste.

This might have been white asparagus with bonito, but I can't be sure. Was yummy though. I think by now you should already start to think of why you've not been to Bam! and when can you go there.

This Duck Dumplings, Ginger, Foie Gras Broth, Edamame was one of the best dishes of the night. Everything was so perfectly joined in harmony that it didn't feel like soft pulled duck wrapped in dumpling skin, it felt more like an entirely new creation on its own. 

We also had the fish with peas and would you just admire that plating for a second? Needless to say the fish was fresh and delicious.

The beef cubes were fantastic as well. Even if the portion was tapas sized, it was good enough because of the taste.

We also had the waiter get the chef to put together some cheeses for us, which he did, even though it was off the menu. Delightful end to a wonderful experience.

But not before sneaking a drink at the super hidden Japanese cocktail bar, Caché on 27 Club St! This place is such a gem. 

All in all, it was a wonderful dining experience from start to finish and I've to thank my friend for exploring Bam! with me. I would definitely recommend the place for someone looking for an alternative cuisine pairing.

Bam! Tapas Sake Bar
38 Tras St, Singapore 078977
+65 6226 0500
Lunch on Tue - Fri: 12.00pm - 2.00pm
Dinner on Mon - Thu: 6.00pm - 10.30pm and Fri - Sat: 6.00pm - 11.30pm
Closed on Sundays
Reserve via

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