Food Review: Mata Thai food restaurant at #01-390, 508 Bishan St 11, Singapore 570508

Other than Japanese food, Thai food has to be my favourite cuisine of all time. There's just something about the sweet, spicy, sour and savoury combination that hits the spot, all the time. That's why whenever I go to a good Thai food place (e.g. Beer Thai at Golden Mile), I must recommend it to people. And I'm glad to have found Mata Thai at Bishan, right in the heartlands. It's a nice cosy restaurant in a coffeeshop setting that does fresh seafood and Thai dishes, perfect for family gatherings and dinner with friends (that you grew up with!) That's what happened when I went there.

You can refer to the menu on their Facebook Page. This is an example of their dishes page (other than set lunches, breakfast..). As you can see, prices are meant for groups to share and not individual portions.

The Green Mango salad ($10) was asked to be less spicy because the normal ones are usually super spicy. This was nice and sour, refreshing as an appetiser. 3/5

The Pandan Chicken (S$12) was plump and juicy inside, wrapped in the fragrant pandan leaves. Good for kids and adults who can't take spice. 3/5

We also shared some Pineapple Fried Rice (S$10 for big), which had the taste of pineapples mixed into the rice which was not too wet, so that's great. I liked having cashews and chicken floss in there for the additional texture! 3/5

There's also a claypot of seafood Tom Yum Goong, the clear version ($12 for small). Again not too spicy, but a mild ticklish one. I felt this was slightly bland but wasn't too bad. 2/5

Prawn cakes (S$10) are always delicious and easy to eat, especially with some of that garlic chilli. Also had some Thai Iced Milk Tea (S$2) to go with it. 3.5/5

Finally, a little bit of green too? Surprisingly this was damn good, for such a simple nondescript dish. That's because the veg (kailan or naibai can't remember, S$10) was very fresh and the garlic sauce was coating it perfectly. 4/5

Then the rock star for the evening. The Thai style steamed fish with lemon sauce (S$28) which was excellent. I couldn't recommend this enough, because it was so fresh tasting and delicious with the citrusy sour sauce! Yummy! If you only had space for one main dish, get this. 4.5/5

Then we had some desserts, haha. It's actually quite difficult to find the coconut milk and chestnut dessert Red Ruby (S$5) in Singapore so this was great - pretty average tasting, but plus points for being available. 3/5

Of course, some Mango Sticky Rice (S$6) too. This was very normal. You can get something much better than this at half the price in Thailand....2/5

Overall I'll say Mata Thai is a nice addition to the heartlands in Bishan with their delicious Thai stir-fry and authentic dishes. Prices are a little high for the heartlands but if you go with a group you can share the dishes and definitely order the steamed fish!
Mata Thai
#01-390, 508 Bishan St 11, Singapore 570508
9276 2629
9am to 10pm daily

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