Lunch review: Bibimbap from 8 Eight Korean BBQ at #02-79//90 The Central, Singapore 059817

For S$10.90++ you will get to Design Your Own Bibimbap at 8 Korean BBQ in Clarke Quay's The Central. I went for lunch one day and checked it out and I must say it is really great value for money and quite a healthy lunch! Plus side is it is not crowded at all at the restaurant during lunch times so you can dine in peace (and not smell of BBQ too).

Here's the laminated menu which you select your dishes using an erasable marker. Choose between white or purple rice, one of the 3 protein (chicken, pork, beef) and 3 complements. Note that kimchi and beansprouts will already be served as side dishes/appetiser before so don't pick those! Then choose between spicy or soy sauce and you're done!

Here are the selection of side dishes... good that they offer it for free!

Here's my selection. I had the pickled radish, corn, zucchini and an extra side of sauteed mushrooms to go with my beef bulgogi. It was delicious when you break the jiggly half boiled egg and mix all the ingredients in! I found the meat portion to be slightly on the small side, but it was enough for me. 

Here's a look at some of my colleague's combinations. All 3 meats were great as they were well-marinated and fresh. No complaints!

Such a delightful lunch option. If you work around the Clarke Quay area or happen to be in town, do check out 8 Korean BBQ's affordable and healthy lunch bibimbap set.

8 Eight Korean BBQ
#02-79//90 The Central, Singapore 059817
Mondays to Fridays 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Saturdays to Sundays 11.30am to 10.30pm

Thanks to 8 Eight Korean BBQ for the invite!

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