Recommendation: Driver contacts in Bali

For those who are wondering, transportation in Bali is relatively cheap but it can sometimes be exorbitant if you are desperate to get somewhere, bad at haggling, or simply put things to last minute. Even though there's regular Bluebird taxis on the island as well as Uber (in some parts), it's still good to have a few driver contacts so you can get from the airport to Seminyak (the most expensive at around 200k by regular taxi after haggling) and to go from Seminyak to Ubud, Canggu, Tanah Lot or Kandara/Jimbaran. All these trips take over an hour so they definitely need to be worked out first.

I've reached out to my Facebook friends and they have responded so well to me - which shows that when you are a good driver to Singaporeans going to Bali, they will remember.

It seems like drivers in Bali also operate normally on a per day rate and the more days you book with them, the better. A friend's contact gave us a good rate of 600k rupiah for 8 hours to go from Seminyak to Ubud and back and in between to drive us around a little, though 650k/day is not uncommon (and reasonable really).

Here are some contacts in screenshots (so the numbers cannot be crawled and the drivers are not harassed!) You guys can try Whatsapping them to ask for day rate and availability as well as no. of hours committed.

From Rishi

 From Candice

From Alex, Good Day Sukiarasa's Facebook Profile (message him there)

Hope these contacts help!

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