App Recommendation: 5 reasons to download the Pepo App

There's this great new app I've been using for a solid 6 months now called Pepo and I'll just like to formerly give it a review (its more of a recommendation, really). I was contacted by the founders back then to invite me to host a channel called Singapore Foodies, where I post daily about my food adventures on our sunny island, and I really enjoy using the app.

If you are curious about it, do download it from the App Store or Google Play store! For those who want to find out more, read on...

Basically Pepo started out as a mobile-only app in 2016 which had "channels" of topics that people can join in and to chat. Think of it as Forums 2.0, but much more advanced and fun. I was initially skeptical about it - there are already Facebook Groups and good old forums so why would people want to use this? But the more I used it, the more I see why Pepo is different from the rest.

There are 5 reasons why I think Pepo is a great app worth downloading.

1. You can search for any topic that interests you 
Chances are, there will be quite a few channels that you might like. Do check out my channel, Singapore Foodies, if you like! You can look at what's in the channel on the desktop version before you decide to join (so you can comment and react). You get content such as this:

Alexischeong on Pepo

2. Chat with people from all over the world
What I like is the gathering of like-minded folks, or even for people to talk about their favourite TV show for example. There are TWO Game of Thrones channels on it... and people can be strewn all across the world. I really enjoy that aspect.

3. User interface is sleek AF
I was worried that it will be difficult to use initially, but other than a couple of minor bugs which were quickly resolved, everything loads really quickly and it is very easy to navigate and get around. There's even a Spotlight feature where you can post Insta-story like post which does not disappear after 24 hours (that's great) but can only be taken on the spot.

4. The photo editing function of the app is incredible
I used to use VSCO and Snapseed primarily to edit my food photos before I post them on Instagram, but after discovering the photo editing function in Pepo, I stopped. The controls are great for colour and sharpness adjustments, and did I mention filters and stickers... all for free???


5. There's only going to be even more great insider tips/info on it
As it is with any platform, there will be early adopters before the majority starts to come on. It is my hope that more people will join it because it is honestly such a liberating experience to participate in topics of interests and get insider info and tips into places and areas not accessible before.

I hope these 5 reasons are convincing for you! Don't take my word for it - just download the Pepo app (App Store or Google Play store) and see for yourself how it is like... and don't give up because there isn't any rebates or games for you to play on it. It is actually super fun to comment and participate.

Anyway! That's it from me. Hope to see you on Pepo real soon and don't forget to say hi!

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