Japanese food review: Misato at The Centrepoint, #01-33E Gastro+, Singapore 238843

There's this really beautiful Japanese restaurant hidden inside Centrepoint along Orchard Road that you should definitely check out if you are a fan of Japanese food and desserts. Called Misato, the decor and cutlery will be the first thing to impress you upon sitting down! 

The food itself is decent too. For eggample, this Chawanmushi (S$4.90) which is your standard Japanese steamed egg, but so comforting! 3.5/5

We also shared a Seafood Kaminabe Set (S$20.80) which comes with a very light, clear broth you pour onto the assortment of ingredients and wait until they are somewhat cooked. The salmon in there was quite fresh. This is a healthy and delicious meal to share with someone if you don't want something fried or artificial!

Speaking of eating clean, there's also Cha Soba (S$13.80) noodles which was delightful and just... no frills. Just good old ingredients on a tray. 3.5/5

The Japanese pancake Okonomiyaki (S$14.90) is probably what Singaporeans like though! Generous with toppings and well covered with teriyaki sauce. I found it pretty normal. 3/5

The Mixed Fried Set (S$18.80) with live tiger prawn, cheese filled chicken and breaded chicken wasn't great though. The ingredients were all really dry and not worth the calories. Skip! 2/5

The Handmade Gyozas (S$6.90 for 6, $10.90 for 10) were more interesting because they came in a rectangular shaped form, but they weren't super fantastic inside either. The filling were a little too thin for me to enjoy. 2.5/5

Though some of the savoury dishes weren't great, I loved the drink that came with it! The Matcha Ice Blended (S$8.80) is a dessert in the form of a drink! The matcha is exclusively imported from the Nara prefecture for Misato and its not too sweet but fragrant and slightly bitter. I was craving for it so much after trying it once and you might get the same effect! 4.5/5

Try the Matcha Bavarois (S$7.80) too if you're a big matcha fan. You might have seen its wobbling boomerangs on Instagram. This Flubber like matcha jelly was yummy but I felt could have benefited from some sauce, like kuromitsu or even adzuki as it tasted slightly plain. 3/5

There's this super traditional Japanese arrowroot slippery noodles served with Kuromitsu dipping sauced called the Kuzukiri (S$8.80) on the dessert menu. The arrowroot was tasteless and depended on the sweet dipping sauce, but that's fine by me! It's one of those super traditional type dishes which needed no frills. Just being refreshing and simple is enough. 3.5/5

A must-try will be the delightful handmade Sanshoku Warabi Mochi ($8.80) with 3 flavours - goma (black sesame), kinako (roasted soy bean) and matcha (green tea). It's really similar to something my sister brought back from Japanese before. The mochi was chewy yet soft, allowing the flavours to spread gently in your mouth like a wave. 4.5/5

Definitely come by to Misato if you in the area and be sure to order the right stuff! Get the seafood kaminabe or cha soba, and try their matcha desserts and drinks plus the mochi. You won't be disappointed.
176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint, #01-33E, Singapore 238843
+65 6235 2822
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm-10pm (last order at 9pm)

Thanks to Brand Cellar and Misato for the invite!

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