Japanese Omakase: Matsuya Sushi Bar at 39 Seah St, Singapore 188395

I thought I had found the best in Japanese omakase I visited Hakumai (not cheap but good) and Ryo Sushi (for cheap and good), but turns out there's another contender in the mix - Matsuya Sushi Bar at 39 Seah St, just beside Naumi Hotel. Helmed by the affable Chef Benson who hailed from famous Japanese restaurants in the past such as the one at Goldhill Plaza serving celebrities to other popular restaurants for almost 30 years! It's time to do his own thing now with the cosy little shophouse with a long counter as he goes around it to serve up the freshest sushi and seafood of the day.

We had the privilege to sample some of the dishes which you can find from an 8-course omakase dinner valued at $88++. There are also set dinners (e.g. wagyu or unagi don) options or ala carte dishes or premium sushi sets.

I'll be describing the dishes but note that all of them gets a 5/5 from me, and of course this omakase too. The value and quality is unbeatable.

The century egg tofu with tobiko is one of my favourite Japanese appetisers. Silky smooth with umami popping at every bite!

Then, the visually attractive sea urchin with lady fingers and ikura! There are some chopped radish inside that mini mountain. Normally I'll be hesitant to eat uni because I find it metallic if its not that fresh. No such problem here. Oh man, now I feel like going back because I miss it so much. Probably the second most impressive dish among that night's line up.

We also had some flounder carpaccio with shio kombu and truffle oil, and tiny chrysanthemum petals. This was light, clean and just so... delicately delicious. 

Of course, we had to have some premium sashimi. This plate of beautiful art was made with otoro, chutoro, kampachi, scallop and kimeidai. I like how flowers (edible too!) were added as the finishing touch to an orgasmic selection of fresh, raw fish.

Then, as bonus, we had some delectable King's Crab Leg. There was a hefty price tag attached to this (varies, ask Chef :P) but he kindly gave us some to savour. It was so sweet and fresh. There's no other words to describe. If I really want to pamper myself, this is what I will get.

Or you can get a sinful aburi miso king prawn instead. This was just as good but probably twice the calories. The sauce was so rich and creamy, with a hint of char from the flame. 

Of course, the meal is not complete without some additional carbs, hidden underneath the generous slab of wagyu, coupled with an onsen egg. This wagyu don really hits the spot even though we were quite full already! The beef was so on point...

We ended the evening with a simple clam soup to cleanse our palate. It was also to comfort us over the fact that we just finished a wonderful omakase and there's no more of it. Haha. 

Chef Benson is really friendly and knows his craft inside out. You could sense the passion from the food he serves. That's the best kind of omakase, I reckon. Look for him for a wonderful good Japanese meal! I would highly recommend the omakase dinner for great value as a special occasion treat.

Matsuya Sushi Bar
39 Seah St, Singapore 188395
Mon-Sat 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6-10pm
Closed on Sundays

Thanks to David from Matsuya for the invite!

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