Food review: Patbingsoo Korean Dining House at Plaza Singapura B2-47, Singapore 238839

For K-fans looking for an all-out casual Korean dining experience, go no further than Patbingsoo Korean Dining House at the basement of Plaza Sing! Tucked just beside the escalators, the tiny diner features a surprisingly wide repertoire of Korean cuisine, more than just bingsu desserts. When my colleague heard that I was going for tasting there, she immediately told me to look out for the cheese wrapped ribs, so I know that's a signature there, as well as the Korean Fried Chicken.

We first started with some drinks! We tasted 4 different drinks, from left to right: Grape Yoghurt Soju (S$11.90) and Lychee, Mango, Passion Fruit Yogurt Makgeolli (S$11.90). They were light, refreshing and quintessentially Korean. Not too sweet nor sickly too. 3/5

We started with some Fried Samgyeopsal (sliced pork belly, S$6.90) which I enjoyed for the crunchy texture and non-porky taste! 3/5

There's also the sizzling pot of House Special Ramyeon (S$11.90), which was a little on the salty and heavy handed side for me. I will probably be happier with the instant type. 1/5

Next up, something that's not that common - the Seafood Sundubu (Korean jigae with tofu) Pasta (S$13.90), which I enjoyed despite its unconventionality. The sauce was sweet and spicy, with chunks of deep-fried tofu and squid scattered throughout the bed of slightly overcooked pasta. I won't lie, this might make an Italian chef faint if he sees it. 2.5/5

The star of the show that night though, was definitely the Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs (S$38.90 with 4 ribs). It's served on a hotplate with fries, cheese and garlic mayonnaise dip (so good). I really enjoyed the smoky BBQ flavour of the ribs, even though the stringy melted cheese was rather flavourless and there solely to make it look indulgent. The ribs on their own are super good - I will highly recommend it if you can only order one main. 4/5

Here's a quick gif of the table side service wrapping the cheese around the rib in an exclusive 'slapping' technique to melt the cheese. Hee. Don't we all love looking at it!

We also sampled some Honey-Garlic Chicken Wings and Spicy Chicken Wings (S$11.90 for 3), which was yummy. The chicken itself was a little dry which is not that uncommon for KFC, but the marinate was not too overpowering like Bonchon's (sometimes, I feel). Careful, the spicy ones pack a punch! 3/5

How about some salad, our host asked. Of course we welcomed that, seeing how we already had a lot of food. Tadah! We were presented with the Patbingsoo Beef and Chips (S$12.90) which is a mountain of fries and beef on top of a smattering of lettuce and covered with mayonnaise and cheese sauce. It was really sinful, but surprisingly good. 3.5/5

Once we got past all the savoury food, its finally time for dessert. The Sinda Patbingsoo (S$14.90) made with shaved ice, cornflakes, nata de coco, vanilla ice cream and shaved ice in a rock melon.  It was both a visual and taste treat, even though I felt like its a bit of a waste to discard the melon meat (which was used more as a shell). The cornflakes gave it crunch, while nata de coco was good to chew on. 3/5

Next up was the green tea ice cream, cornflakes, shaved ice and matcha ice cream Chungmuro Patbingsoo (S$8.90). This had a more palatable price point and its quite value for money if you look at what you get, though I still prefer the matcha bingsu at Oma Spoon. This felt a little too sweet for me. 2.5/5

The most interesting version was the Bibim Patbingsoo (S$11.90) which had fruits, jelly, nata de coco  and strawberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. It looked like a savoury bibimbap, but it is actually a bingsu, haha. Points for creativity, though taste-wise it was pretty basic and nothing to write home about. 2.5/5 

In general, Patbingsoon Korean Dining House is a good place for students, friends and K-pop fans to gather over some ribs, kimchi soup and dessert. I would only really recommend ordering the Cheese Ribs, Korean Chicken, Beef and Chips "salad" and perhaps a matcha bingsoo to share as they are indulgent and delicious!
Patbingsoo Korean Dining House
#B2-47 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Sun-Thu 11.30am to 10pm, Fri/Sat 11.30am to 10.30pm
+65 91813038 

Thanks to Bless Inc. and Patbingsoo for the invite!

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