Food Trail: Shokutsu Ten at Great World City, #B1-01/7 Singapore 237994

For those who can't get enough of Japanese food, you'll be happy to know that a Japanese Food Street called Shokutsu Ten has opened up at the basement of Great World City! That's awesome news because I find GWC to be sorely lacking in Japanese food before with only one small Kuriya at a corner. And River Valley has so many Japanese expats living there, I am thinking it's about time. As part of Shokutsu Ten's launch I was invited to a Food Trail to three of the restaurants - Shimbashi Soba, Men-ichi Sapporo Ramen and Ami Ami Tempura and Robotoyaki.

Stop #1: Shimbashi Soba

Do you know that buckwheat noodles are probably one of the healthiest carbs out there with its low GI? Buckwheat is also proven to help increase metabolic rate. In any case, I love soba for how refreshing it is when served over ice. In Shimbashi, 80% of the house made soba is made with pesticide-free buckwheat from Tasmania, fresh daily. When it's as good as that, you can simply just have it plain with some dipping sauce be it hot or cold!

The Seiro (S$11.80) - plain soba with dipping sauce 4/5

Of course, we sampled some sets. The Chilled Ume Soba and Prawn Tempura (S$18.80) on the right had soba with vegetables, seaweed, pickled plum, grated radish, bonito flakes & lemon paired with prawn and pumpkin tempura. 3/5

There’s also the Warigo Soba (S$21.80) which is a bit like a soba flight featuring 5 mini bowls of soba noodles with different condiments on it. I think I like the plain soba the best, but if you're hankering for variety go for the Warigo. 3.5/5

At the end of your soba meal, you can also drink up the dipping sauce with the addition of some boiled soba water, which is nutritious as well. This was pretty cool (I always like to drink the dipping sauce).

Stop #2: Men-ichi Sapporo Ramen

I think Singaporeans can't get enough of ramen because it is so friggin' indulgent and rewarding to slurp up a hot bowl of creamy pork bone broth and silky smooth noodles. I know that's my expectation when I have ramen (which is why I don't really like the Tsuta style clear soup type). Over at Men-ichi, they serve up Sapporo style ramen, which is up north near Hokkaido. Which means the broth is gonna be rich, and corn will be involved. Yes. Corn. 

I love this ramen bowl chandelier by the way. 

We tried two ramen that day - the Tokusen Sapporo Miso Ramen (S$19.50) which is miso-based ramen with pork bone broth and char siew, potato wedges, minced meat, onion, egg, bamboo shoots, leek, bean sprouts, corn & seaweed. 3.5/5 

Yes you read right. Potato wedges. A little weird, but hey, potato is love. Haha! 

There's also the Sapporo Spicy Shio Ramen (S$17.90 with 3pcs charsiew; $15.90 with 1pc charsiew) which is a salt-based pork bone broth ramen with special spicy sauce. It's not too spicy. 3.5. Both ramen were super filling. I find the ramen here to be slightly above average, though nothing to write home about. It's just a good solid meal. 

Final stop: Ami Ami Tempura and Robotoyaki

Helmed by award-winning Master Chef Naoki Tsuzuki, who has over two decades of culinary experience in Japan and Singapore, Ami Ami which means 'net' in Japanese essentially encapsulates what the restaurant is about. Seafood is flown in fresh thrice weekly over here!

The most amazing item OF THE NIGHT goes to.... the Original Egg Tempura Rice (S$6.50) which consisted of a magical onsen egg wrapped in deep-fried beancurd skin placed on a bowl of rice and drizzled with some soya sauce. That's it. The cheapest item of the night but oh my spaghetti, what a dish. The egg was beautiful. The pair was simple but comforting. The taste of fresh egg yolk running across crispy beancurd skin... indescribable. Please go try it. 5/5

I will go back to this soon. I promise you, my egg.

Actually the egg dish could form part of the Ami Ami Tempura Set (S$45.80) which had sashimi of the day, charcoal-grilled live scallops, prawn, chicken, fish & vegetable tempura, egg tempura & vegetable kakiage tempura rice bowl and miso soup & pickles. Good value and perfect for two to share! 3.5/5

The "Fuji" Sashimi 5 Kinds (S$26.80 ala carte) had Maguro, Salmon (Norway), Sawara Aburi (Spanish Mackerel), Kampachi (Amberjack) and Tai (Seabream). It was ok, but I've had better (though more expensive...) 3/5

We had Live Scallops Robatayaki with 3 Toppings ($19.80), which is charcoal-grilled live scallop topped with crabmeat, sea urchin & salmon roe served to us on a wooden pan thingy. So handy. Unfortunately I wasn't a fan of scallop and the ikura on top was a little sad and deflated. 2/5

Finally, some of us bloggers that night with Master Chef Naoki Tsuzuki in front of the restaurant! The staff was really friendly and patient to introduce to us all the different items and how to eat them. 

Thanks to Food News PR and RE&S for organising the food trail to check out the newest Japanese Food Street concept at Great World City. If you are around the area and hankering for some classic, solid Japanese food - take the escalator to the basement of GWC and be spoilt for choice there! 

Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street
1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
#B1-01/02/03/04, Great World City
11 or 11.30am to 9.30pm (last order)

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