Tasting: Liho launches two new Avocado Drinks in Singapore!

As you guys would know I am a huge bubble tea fan. And some of you might know that I am an even larger AVOCADO fan. So much so that I try to eat smashed avo toast during the weekends - they are simply the best. So when LiHo invited me to try out their new avocado drinks I accepted the invite faster than you can say "avo". From tomorrow onwards all of y'all will get to try the Golden Avocado Milk (M $4.50 L $5.90) and the Cheese Avocado Smoothie (L $6.90)!

We had a great time at the party, with light bites catered from Nene Chicken and even did an impromptu cheese topping blind taste test!

I did a vlog to review what I felt about the two drinks. Personally the Cheese Avocado Smoothie gets my vote between the two only because the flavour is made even more complex with the salty cheese foam topping, on top of the gula melaka and avocados, blended with fresh milk and coconut milk. 

Thank you LiHo for inviting me to the Avocado Party! Remember to try the drinks out from tomorrow onwards at all LiHo branches.

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