CBD Eats: Lunch at Autobus, 6A Shenton Way, #01-01 Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815

One of my favourite places to go for lunch during work weeks is at The Autobus at the newly opened Downtown Gallery. It is a protein bowl restaurant and cafe that serves what I find one of the tastiest protein bowls because of how well flavoured everything is. In some places the protein is so dry and bland, I might as well boil the meat. However at Autobus, its all complimentary, rich and deep flavours. Plus they have my fav avocado add on for just $1! And not forgetting the coffee and chai latte there which are also fantastic. I can't rave enough about Autobus. Everyone needs to go try it!

Here's the place - themed with bicycle gear but comfortable as a place to eat. Well ventilated and not too noisy.

Here's the menu during lunch time. Honestly, this is what I'll go for. Their dinner options are pretty unexciting compared to this.  Feel free to print this out and select your food if you like. I don't think they do delivery at this moment.

My colleague's protein bowl yesterday.

My combi of honey mustard dressing, pesto chicken (full sized), onsen egg (awesome!), bell peppers and avo +$1 and pasta with furikake sprinkles. It's $13++ for the full protein bowl, and $10 or $15 for the half sized and double sized.


 My only gripe will be that they don't do delivery or I would probably eat more of it! I wish they also have the protein bowl option for dinner. Otherwise I will 100% recommend for everyone to check out The Autobus for their healthy, delicious and happiness-inducing food and coffees!

The Autobus
6A Shenton Way, #01-01 Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815
Mondays to Fridays 7am to 10pm, Sat-Sundays 7am-3pm

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