Food Review: The Bird Southern Table and Bar at #B1-07, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore 018956

As the artwork on the wall rightly put, "There are 2 kinds of people in the world. Those who love fried chicken and those who will." At The Bird Southern Table and Bar, that's exactly the kind of mentality they have, and I'm glad they did! I was invited for a tasting sometime back and even though its been a while, the memory of their Southern styled cuisine still stayed with me! Read on to find out if its even worth it to be there if you're at Marina Bay Sands or are you better off just going to Mozza!

The restaurant is super nicely done up, as it is with all the restaurants in MBS. Starting with a whisky/bourbon stocked bar of course.

I like the lighting and farmstyle decor.

There's even a private room section if you are too boisterous for the public dining area.

Here's the menu. As you can see, prices are rather evenly distributed and sides or small plates do not cost an arm or leg to have. Which is good, even though most people won't be here for that. 

They even have some classic Southern desserts such as the peach cobbler, which was refreshing. The theme continues throughout.

And the drinks menu deserves a second too as well. Other than the classics, there's even the appearance of regional flavours such as sour plum and pandan. That's what's cool about The Bird.

I tried the Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade (S$27, ouch!) while my friend had the classic Yardbird Old-Fashioned (S$27). Ok, the drink prices are a little hard to stomach but if you're in MBS for dinner be prepared for a notch above the average prices. Our drinks were well-balanced and mixed so much so we were definitely flushed from the alcohol even though we can't taste it! That's slightly dangerous...

For our tasting we had a small fixed menu so I won't refer to the ingredients in the write up below.

First up, the deviled eggs (S$14) at the top right and fried green tomato BLT (S$18) beside. I totally did not expect them to look so dainty and petite! I also hope they come in more than 1 portion per plate if you order ala carte! The deviled eggs was creamy and not too heavy. 3.5/5 I really enjoyed the BLT for how refreshing it was due to the green tomato. 4/5

Then came the 3 mains. The star of the evening had to be the Southern style fried chicken with cheddar cheese waffles, spiced watermelon and bourbon maple syrup of course! At S$45 for that dish I'll recommend you split it with a fellow fried chicken lover.

The Butter Lettuce and Grilled Mango Salad (S$18) was ok - everything was fresh and light of course, which worked well with the chicken and mac and cheese, though it wasn't exceptional or anything special. If you aren't a veggie lover, this can be missed. 3/5

After all, pasta is also a vegetable right? Haha. In this case, the Mac and Cheese (S$14) is probably the most worth it of the sides/snacks. It was super rich and cheesy with five artisanal cheeses in there coating the torchio pasta, topped with a herb crust. I like it but it can be quite strong tasting if you have to consume the entire portion, dulling your senses for what's to come, so share it! 3.5/5

If you need anymore 'healthy' additions, there's watermelon to go with your fried chicken! OK, so what's the verdict you ask. At $45 it is quite the hefty price for 1/2 of a chicken, but to me it is worth it. Just coming here to split a dish like this is enough to make any fried chicken lover's day I think! The insides are tender, juicy and COOKED, which was amazing to me because the skin was so well seasoned and crispy. According to my dining partner who is an amazing home cook herself, it is not easy to get the balance right. Drench the cheesy waffles with some bourbon maple and pair your chicken with the delightfully sweet watermelon and you will be a happy camper, just like us! 4/5

Lastly we had a Banana Pudding (S$14) for dessert, which was the perfect rum-soaked creamy sweet ending for the decadence before. I liked it for how simple and home-styled it was. 3.5/5

Overall a great place to get some classic Southern fare in the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes though your wallet will suffer a hit. It's still worth checking out, especially for their Fried Chicken Watermelon Waffles. Everything else I could imagine someplace else doing it for half the price and just as good so order in moderation!

The Bird Southern Table and Bar
B1-07, Galleria Level, The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956
Monday to Fridays lunch from 11am - 4pm, weekend brunch on Sat-Sundays 10am to 4pm
Daily dinner from 4pm - 11pm, drinks and light snacks daily from 11pm - 2am

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