What to watch: CNA 8-part series Savouring the Future

Here's a TV series I can get behind (after watching Chef's Table on Netflix): Channel NewsAsia has recently launched an 8-part documentary called "Savouring the Future" to talk about the future of Singapore food SMEs, hosted by chef-owner of Artichoke Bjorn Shen.

CNA Savouring the Future

Here's a short trailer of the show, which you can catch only at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/video-on-demand/savouring-the-future

The first episode is about vending machines, and in future episodes the documentary will touch upon innovative and niche food products, going global as well as automation, which is a big thing for Singapore's manufacturing industry. 

I can't wait so watch the next 7 episodes online, or if I happen to catch it every week on Saturdays 8.30pm on Channel NewsAsia! Hope you guys will enjoy them as much as I do (it's good to feed your brain too)!

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