Cafe Hangout: Common Man Stan on 11 Stanley St, Singapore 068730

I'm always glad for new coffee places in the CBD because it means another place to hang out or go to for meetings, and boy was I glad that the second Common Man Roasters branch decided to spring up on Stanley Street which is steps away from my office. This newly opened cafe looks super pretty as well with gold trimmings and marble decor and spans across two shophouses which means plenty of space. 

They have their own roasted beans available for sale, of course.

They also have nitro cold brew on tap for tea and coffee, which is pretty cool. I am not sure if there's alcohol at this place (probably not since they close at 4.30pm!)

And don't play with their coffee machine, this is no regular Nespresso.

They have All Day Breakfast, and here's the menu. Apologies for the slightly blurry photo! Prices a slightly on the high side due to probably the rental costs. But there's homemade bagels and avocado toast!

Common Man Stan breakfast menu

Here's the drinks menu. They have not busted the $6 mark yet for coffees, thank goodness.

Verdict on the flat whites that I've tried so far? Delicious! They are smooth, creamy and well-made despite having TWO shots of espresso inside. You can always request for one if too much caffeine makes you jittery. 

I'll highly recommend this cafe for a coffee or even breakfast and I heard they also have a late afternoon high tea set. There are booth seats inside the cafe beyond the bar, and even a small room at the back for coffee workshops, it seems. I hope they are here to stay because I'll be back!

Common Man Stan
11/12 Stanley Street, Singapore 068731
Weekdays 7.30am to 4.30pm 
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

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