Cafe Hangout: Kohi-ya Cafe at 4 Hillview Rise, Singapore 669554

Kohi-ya is a relatively new Japanese cafe and bistro that opened at the very idyllic Hillview Community Club (Downtown station Hillview is a short walk away) to serve the gated community with their Japanese-inspired small brunch/lunch menu and coffees. It is nicely decorated and well-ventilated and opens to a wide field at the back, which was lovely.

The coffee machine is no joke. There's a small bar area beside as well.

They do have tarts too, but when we went there was just two croissants on display.

Here's the menu as of 24 Dec 2017. Prices are slightly steep for the food, TBH. But then again, the clientele here probably could afford to pay $10 for an avocado toast.

What's intriguing was the Matcha Bun Beef Burger with blueberry red wine reduction and matcha bun, but we didn't order this. I wonder how it tastes like!

Coffees are at a much more reasonable $4.50 for a latte/flat white/cappuccino, but they are single shot coffees.

There's also a Specials menu, which had three items on it.

They also sell some coffee-related accessories and such, being from the Ninepress family (who also started Brawn and Brains).

The flat white (S$4.50) I had was really light and milky but not offending. Very polite, like how the Japanese are. Love the cup tho! 3.5/5

The Squid Ink Orzo Pasta (S$18) was nicely done with a Japanese touch featuring ikura and edamame. My siblings really enjoyed it, but this is definitely not date food. Black teeth and lips anyone? Haha. 4/5

The Tom Yam Don (S$18) special is also really cool, though it really is just tom yam fried rice with an onsen egg on top, with some bonito flakes. But the flavour of it was well distributed and not too salty, with a kick of spice. 4/5

For those looking for a light bite and coffee, check out Kohi-Ya since it has not exploded on social media yet. While the food pricing is slightly steep, the quality at least justifies and the coffee is pleasant.

Hillview Community Club, 1 Hillview Rise #01-04, Singapore 669554
+65 62888488
Tuesdays to Fridays 10am to 7pm
Saturdays and Sundays 9am to 9pm
Closed on Mondays

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