Hidden Spot: Fat Belly at #01-04 10 Jln Serene, Singapore 258748

Sometimes, you just want a simple steak and wine dinner someplace quiet without making a big fuss about it. Sometimes, it's all about celebrating the little wins in life, not necessary the epic ones. Or it could just be a private or intimate time with a carnivorous individual. Regardless of the occasion, Fat Belly is the place to go for the aforementioned simple, affordable steak and wine. Hidden at the back of Sugarhaus, a dessert parlour at Serene Centre, the counter top at the back is turned into a 10-seater speakeasy style steakhouse from 6 to 10pm every night for some savoury before the sweet.

Here's the October 2017 menu. It varies according to the cuts of meat they get.

As starters, we sampled some delightful sides of Creamed Kale (S$5), Salted Thyme Mushrooms (S$5) and Guanciale Mac & Cheese (S$5 what a steal!). They are simply and quickly tossed or stirred or baked, but the end result's the same. They are all complementary dishes to steak! I loved the mac n' cheese though all the sides were good!

On to the mains! We tried two cuts of beef that night - the lesser known shoulder cut and mainstay of the place, the Flat Iron (S$22) and the fattier Short Rib (S$25), both served with a side of house salad and chimichurri sauce. We also got some delicious and well-priced Alamos Malbec 2014 (S$12) to go with the red meat.

It was a thing of beauty to behold.

I don't have to say too much about these steaks. They were perfect - tender, juicy and beefy without excessive chewing. What I really like is how Fat Belly uses various cuts of beef depending on availability. 4.5/5

For example, from December 2017 they were offering the near-impossible-to-find Wagyu Marble Score 7-9 Denver Steak. There are also new sides on the menu - the Bacon Bourbon Sweet Potato Mash and Rosemary Chunky Polenta Chips. All very fine to pair with some steak!

Then on to the sweets! A meal is not complete without some dessert (unless one is filled to the brim with food already). The Foie Gras (S$13) is a special Fat Belly dessert not offered on the Sugarhaus menu, made of foie gras ice cream, brulee banana, speculoos and roasted nuts. I really enjoyed this one and would come back just for it. 4/5

Then we must have and photograph the Instagram magnet of course - the Galaxy Tart (S$8) is probably what propelled Sugarhaus to fame. This was really pretty to look at, but even tastier to consumer with its cherry chocolate insides! 4/5

We also tried the innovative and just-tart-enough Lemon Popsicle Tart (S$8). For people with a sour tooth, this is for you! 4/5

There's also some Waffles (S$6) with Hibiscus Yogurt, Sea Salt Toffee, Dutch Chocolate & Gula Meleka Pecan ice cream (S$4.30 per scoop). The ice cream flavours are all so exotic, and did well on a crunchy fluffy waffle! I think the Gula Melaka Pecan was my favourite.

And just to round it up, a Rich Man's Chocolate Cake (S$8), which was the perfect name for such a decadent treat! It was packed with flavour, but remains fluffy and light in texture. For people into the classics, you won't go wrong with this one! 4/5

Even though I had a less stellar review from my sibling when she went, I believe in Fat Belly's vision of offering great steaks at awesome value for that perfect little-win evening when you just want to relax and eat with your favourite people. So give Fat Belly a try and let me know if its up to scratch!

Fat Belly
(inside Sugarhaus) #01-04, 10 Jln Serene, Singapore 258748
+65 63142247
Sundays to Thursdays 6pm to 10pm
Fridays and Saturdays 6pm to 11pm

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