Izakaya Review: IZA opens at 695 East Coast Rd, Singapore 459059

"Where's a good place to hang out in Katong, Alexis? Not too atas or formal, something chill for a catch up" Well, I have just the right place to recommend for that! Iza is a newly set up local izakaya skewer bar that's just opened on East Coast Road that's perfect for that.

The place was bustling on its media launch night. I'm sure you might have heard of it then! I like how there's ABSOLUTELY no greasy fried food smell in the cosy shophouse despite the repertoire of grilled food. I can't stress how important good ventilation is to F&B outlets.

Iza is actually a collaboration between the founders and the guys of The Skewer Bar at Geylang for something that offers up a mix of traditional Kushiyaki skewers as well as local flavours fused with Japanese classics. Take a look at the menu and you can tell, with dishes like the Otah Tamago (which ran out and we didn't get to try that night!) 

Skewers are where the fun is at!
Prices Prices are also very reasonable. I almost fell off my chair when I saw how much the Unagi Don costs. 
We started with some delicious Tenguimai Junmai Daiginjo sake, which was light and refreshing! They also had a couple of Japanese craft beers and Roku gin available. 

The Special Yaki Onigiri (S$5.90 for two) was described as "indulgently mixed with hae bee hiam" and I have to agree. The flavour was really strong in fact, coupled with some charred bits on the outside. It raised the game for all onigiris. Haha. 4/5

We also had the Four-Ton Chawanmushi (S$4.50), TSB Salad (S$5.50), Grilled Avocado (S$5) and Deep-Fried Chicken Soft Bones (S$6) for starters, which was yummy. The last dish goes really well with beer! 

My favourite that night was the Hae Bee Hiam Spaghetti (S$11.90) which was piquant with the shrimpy chilli paste without being too overpowering. I would come back just for this! 4.5/5

 There was also some grilled skewers. Surprisingly the lady's fingers (S$1.90) was quite delicious though the bacon-wrapped lychee (S$2.80) stole the show despite being slightly expensive. A must order for the izakaya experience!!! 3.5/5

Oysters lovers will appreciate some grilled oysters (3 for S$12, live or grilled), which looked really plump and juicy! I didn't have any as I wasn't really into oysters, but you know there's such an option here!

Lastly, the pièce de résistance. A homemade chilli covered grilled whole seabass (S$28) that is great value AND excellent tasting. It was fresh, juicy and that chilli almost made it as the star of the show! A whole family or table could dig into this dish and really enjoy themselves. 4/5

As you can see, the food contains both the spirit of Japanese izakaya and Singaporean flavours. I would recommend the place while its nice and new.  I've thoroughly enjoyed myself and the company that night, thanks to the guys from Iza!

695 East Coast Rd, Singapore 459059
+65 63852883
Daily 4pm to 1am (last order 12.30am)

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