Food Review: Skyve Bistro New Menu at 10 Winstedt Rd, Singapore 227977

There's a new menu in town for Skyve Bistro and boy you guys are in for a treat! I first reviewed Skyve almost exactly 5 years ago to this date, and now I'm here again to announce that they have given their menu a shake up with the return of the executive chef, Jachin Tan. Guess nobody's really skiving off eh. The location and decor remains as charming and comfortable as ever, because they picked really timeless classics.

As part of the new menu, we tasted some excellent starters, such as this Smoked Tomato (S$12) with buffala snow, heart of palm and basil sorbet. It was a little odd to have a slightly sweet, herb sorbet to go with the charred tomatoes, which were also still sweet and not bitter but the highlight was the really delicious heart of palm (the white round discs in the photo). Those were really fresh, and in combination they made for an incredibly appetising start. 3.5/5

Then there was the Mediterranean Octopus (S$18) with Lemon Pickled Eggplant and Cauliflower Puree. The octopus had vandouvan seasoning, which is a French blend of spices similar to Indian curry powder, which explains the Asiatic recall. The octopus itself was really... fleshy, almost like a steak, if you know what I mean. It had a good solid bite to it, without being too tough or chewy. I loved it for that, though I would hesitate to finish it by myself and have room for other items! 4/5

We also tried some Beef Tartare (S$18) with a curious miso-cured truffle yolk, sprinkled with some shallot dust and dotted with gherkin gelee, paired with a biscuit. My, how many different types of cuisine can you count that's on this dish? The miso-cured truffle yolk to me was ingenious, for it gave the beef a really good fragrance without overpowering the beef. Even though everything was almost transformed into another state, if you think about it, I found that it wasn't as impressive as the rest nor tasty, maybe because the ingredients were really polite. 3/5

Then the mains - and there's nothing polite about them. We started with a really delicious Lobster Sang Mee (S$32) made with "Abalone" with fried mussels in egg drop soup. I think everyone will agree that it was the star of the night. It is a familiar Asian dish, elevated with ingredients and plating such as the abalone (mushroom) and fried mussels. However, if you would rather stick to the plain ol' prawn sang mee, skip this for the price is also elevated... 3.5/5

There's the classic "date night" dish to have instead - thet Smoked Tenderloin (S$38) with gobo, pickled green pepper and braised shitake. While I appreciate the Japanese touch, I find the steak to be simple and slightly unremarkable, just well executed. 3/5

I preferred the Cilantro Chili Smoked Duck (S$24) with quinoa, edamame peas, pink peppercorn and corn ricotta. It was an explosion of delicate flavours with the smokiness of the duck coming through while maintaining the juicy taste. 4/5

Next up, desserts! We had them with some Lemon Ginger Mint Tea (S$6) to help digest. First there was the delightful and VERY alcoholic tiramisu (S$10) with coffee granita and chocolate soil, which is such a great idea. 3.5/5

Then some Molten Chocolate (S$12) paired with salted caramel ice cream and candied zest. The lava cake really flowed! I don't know how many times in the past have I excitedly cut open a "lava" cake only to find a fossilised one.. 3.5/5

Then the prettiest dessert of all - the Semifreddo of Lime (S$10) using Blue Pea Flower caviar and sable. Blue pea flower just makes everything look so special, and in this case also added texture to the slightly sourish lime curd. It was enjoyable especially for those who like sour desserts! 3/5

Overall, Skyve Bistro continues to be a great romantic location and venue for some delicious food over intimate conversations. Get the smoked tomato to start, duck for mains, plus some lava cake for dessert and you'll be sorted for the evening.
Skyve Bistro
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