Lunch Review: Salted and Hung at 12 Purvis St, Singapore 188591

It's no open secret that if you have that little bit of luxury of time, you actually save more by going for fine dining meals during lunch. And that was exactly what we did a couple of weeks back. We visited contemporary Australian restaurant Salted & Hung at Purvis St, which I have always wanted to try for their lunch sets. The reason why the restaurant is called that is because they specialise in in-house cured / grilled meats. I really like the decor of the shophouse - especially the cheeky Orwellian wall art!

We had the pleasure of Chef Drew Nocente behind the open kitchen firing up a storm for us that rainy afternoon. 

The space is spacious and well-ventilated despite having limited seating. 

We were treated to some charcuterie (S$28, all made in house). The terrine was absolutely delish, and this was absolutely great as an appetiser as we waited for our food! Between four people this is a worthwhile starter, best with some wine. 

Here's the lunch set menu, which is priced by courses, as of today! It seemed like they have changed the menu, as the pork belly we got as first course was no longer on it!

For starters we tried the pork belly, which was darn good! The pork fats simply melted upon entering our mouths. If it was still on the menu I would definitely recommend it, but menus are definitely seasonal. This was really memorable. 

Next we ordered our mains and one of us got the barramundi with smoked bean cassoulet, which was described as "very Asian" in terms of flavour. That's probably because its the best way to bring out the freshness of the fish! I love how Aussie restaurants always have barramundi on their menu. 

We also got some beef fat potatoes with garlic and rosemary on the side to share. That was probably a mistake because we were so full, but those taters were yum! Just look at how shiny they are.

For me though, it had to be the ragu pasta dish for mains. This was so brilliantly done - the pasta was al dente, and reminiscent of the Chinese mee hoon kueh, which made it the perfect vessel to deliver the tomato sauce with cheese crumbles and pulled beef. This was also pulled from the lunch menu so... I just have these photos as souvenir! (I wonder if I can go back and show Chef this photo and ask for it :P)

Party in my mouth! Such generous portions of ultra soft beef, in combination with the neutral pasta and the crunchy cheese bits.

So good. Did I mention that already? It really was. And gone in a few minutes!

For desserts we had the Coconut, which was coconut with basil sorbet and white chocolate. This was lightly perfumed and refreshing to the max. Whoever who thought of basil sorbet is a genius!

There's also the unforgettable Warm Chocolate Mousse with cherry and white chocolate. This was like a warm hug that welcomes you home. What a treat!

Lastly, to make sure its so memorable, diners will also receive an "Anzac" - a typical Aussie cookie/biscuit (whichever country you are from) which in this case had guanciale bits and chocolate chips inside. I died and went to heaven, and came back for the next bite!

I definitely see Australian restaurants doing better in Singapore when it comes to creative and solidly good Western food, and Salted and Hung is no different. I'll highly recommend for you to come by for lunch and check it out first, because I'm pretty sure you'll be back for dinner like I would be!  

Salted and Hung
12 Purvis Street, Singapore 188591
10.30am to 2.30pm, 5pm-10.30pm; 6pm on Saturdays
Closed on Mondays, no dinners on Sundays
Reserve on Chope or call +65 63583130

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