[CLOSED] Cafe Review: Birdy's at 215F Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349

Edit: They have stopped operations since 30 June 2019

Checked out a relatively new, still in "soft launch" cafe in ma hood today called Birdy's at Upper Thomson Road for brunch with ma doggo. I read on DanielFoodDiary's review about how it was called Birdy's because the owners wanted to offer something for everyone so they can all 'peck' at the food/drinks like birds. Or something like that. Whatever it is, they are on a very competitive stretch when it comes to offering brunch and coffee so they need to bring some game!

They were dog-friendly at the al fresco area (even if it is a small one with 3 sets of high tables), which should be the case since they serve alcohol and pork. It is a relatively small shophouse set up with a tiered manner to put more seats.

As you can see, they have the top end espresso machine with coffee beans from Common Man. 

Here's their day menu (go to their website for the night one!) since we were there for brunch! Everything looked so delectable but in the end we picked simple stuff. Notice the price on the menu though - finally, brunch food that does not cost an arm and leg just for some eggs! It's been a long time since I've seen prices below $10 for eggs.

What's different about Birdy's, as one of the owners of the place explained when we chatted with him, was that they are hoping to offer a different drinking experience here with their wine/beer selection. And that the draft beers are coming really soon (since they are from Freehouse, yes!).

Coffees are also priced regularly, and they have soy milk option too! Notice the hip kombucha making its appearance as well. They do serve tap water for free and the service was really attentive by the way.

This was my Eggs on Toast (S$9) order, along with a half-drunk latte (S$5.50). I specifically went down to check this out because DFD said its probably one of the top scrambled eggs he's ever tried, and it is also sub-$10 despite going on sourdough toast from Burnt Ends, fancyyy.

It was really really good. The scrambled eggs was just the right watery-solid-yellow texture that complemented the toast super well. Even the greens you could tell, was "some quality stuff" to quote my brother.

He had the Breakfast Sanga (S$14) which was cautioned by the waiter as "not a sandwich, it is a burger". Indeed! So it turned out to be a little bit too wet for my brother's liking as the beetroot juices had no where to go except on the plate and into the lovely brioche, and the thick-cut bacon was a little bit too salty as well to his liking. However it was a very homely burger in general that still managed to retain that 'fine-dining' feels, if you know what I mean. A little like a rich lady who goes shopping in the heartlands. 

Doggo approved! They even gave Mickey a bowl of water when we arrived, which was really hospitable of them! Now if only they can improve on the seating situation outside. I know I'll be back to try their dinner menus soon!

215F Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349
Wednesdays to Mondays 10am to 11pm 
(12am for Fri/Sat, 4pm for Sundays)
Closed on Tuesdays

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