Lunch Review: Violet Oon at ION Orchard #03-22, Singapore 238801

Fans of Violet Oon or Peranakan food rejoice! Since August this year, the famous Violet Oon brand has extended to ION Orchard itself so diners finally get a taste of luxe peranakan right in the shopping district.

Here are the extensive menus. Prices are steep but then again, this is ION Orchard, prime location that we are talking about. For luxe Asian food, this is as good as it gets.

We had some Kuay Pie Tee (S$17) to start. For the uninitiated, its made of julienned bamboo shoots and turnip filling stuffed into a crispy 'cup', with a slice of prawn on top. And you can add sweet sauce and chilli on it yourself. This was yummy, but the 'prawn bisque' flavour was quite muted. It was just a fun combination of textures. 2.5/5

The Codfish with Creamy Laksa Sauce and Coriander Pesto (S$39) was much better. The lemak laksa sauce coupled with the fatty soft fish was a delight. I didn't detect much of the coriander, thankfully. Not a fan of that! 3.5/5

Under the waiter's recommendation, we also ordered a Hainanese Pork Chop (S$34) to share, which was from kurobuta loin drizzled with a tomato reduction and served with steak-cut fries, peas and minced kale. It was good but not fantastic - the pork was rather dry and flat in flavour - the best part was the peas for me. 2/5

There's also the Dry Laksa (S$24) which really did taste like laksa, but again the seafood taste felt a little bit weak. It wasn't as "lemak" as the codfish's. 3/5

Beef Rendang (S$23) where the beef shin was soo soft and tender it just fell apart at the touch of the spoon. I love the creamy coconut sauce spiced with all the local spices too. This was perfect with rice. 4/5

The Chicken Curry with Roti Jala (S$24) is also something I would recommend. The chicken curry wasn't spicy at all, but more creamy and smooth to go well with the tender chicken chunks. The lace pancakes were a perfect side dish! 4/5

I'll say there are definitely hits and misses when it comes to dining at Violet Oon at ION Orchard. Perhaps they are stronger with the kuehs and tea. But if you're looking to try the food there, get the beef rendang and chicken curry. The rest - order at your own risk!

Violet Oon
ION Orchard #03-22, Singapore 238801
Daily noon to 10pm

After the lunch, we decided to check out the newly opened HEY Tea at ION Basement 2! They are popular for their fruit and cheese cap teas. The queue was around 20 minutes (extends outside) but could last up to 2 hours, so I heard! Anyway we tried a variety of their teas, and I must say even though my green tea cheese cap was good I wouldn't wait more than 10 minutes for it...

ION is a great place to hang out now that there are these options.

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