Bubble Tea Intel: Tiger Sugar menu and opening at B1 Paragon Singapore 2019

Other than the Chinatown and Capitol outlet, Tiger Sugar the famous bubble tea brand from Taiwan has finally opened a 3rd outlet in Singapore at Paragon Shopping Centre in the heart of Orchard. Cheers to all of us who like their bbt! I find that amongst all the brown sugar milk, Tiger Sugar has the chewiest and best-tasting brown sugar pearls. You can really taste the complexity from the 4 types of brown sugar. I've heard some feedback that it is too sweet though so this is only for the sweet-toothed!

Here's the menu and instructions on how to drink it. You must first take a creative picture and post it on Instagram before shaking it 15 times, no more no less. I love the precision.

Here's the location at Paragon at the basement, just right by the stairs (from main Orchard Road) and Ya Kun Kaya Toast if you want to find it! Have fun shaking and drinking!

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  1. Tiger sugar not bad but a bit expensive sometimes "brown sugar bubble milk tea", they don't know I say what.?