Event Report: DBS Bank launches Sparks Studio and encourages sustainability

I don't normally attend launch events for spaces, but when I was notified that DBS bank is opening an in-house content studio at Marina Bay Financial Tower 3 Level 3 that also aims to double up as a communal space for social enterprises, I was intrigued. It's called the DBS Sparks Studio.

At the launch, Karen Ngui, Managing Director and Head of Group Strategic Marketing and Communications spoke about their visions and plans space as well as the bank's greater push in content marketing with Season 2 of Sparks drama series and the new POSB mini-drama on the Po Family. 

Before that we also heard from the Singapore lead on examples of some of the ways DBS champions for being environmentally friendly and sustainable in their #RecycleMoreWasteLess purpose. I really liked the fact that this year their Ang Bao packets are wrapped in paper, for example and all their 2019 calendars are also eco-friendly. 40% of their power is also renewable energy now and they aim to go for 100% in the next 5 years.

They even had a small cart set up to offer up some reusable sporks, straws, tumblers and bags for people only if they want it. It is such a smart move since a lot of waste comes from corporate 'door gifts' and 'swag' that is unwanted. 

I got myself the straws because it included a bubble tea straw, and all of them came in a great looking pouch. I do however have to caution that these items are not the be-all and end-all to less wastage. The best is if we can reduce single-use plastic all together from corporations all the way to individuals!

In any case, congratulations to DBS for your new content studio and thanks for inviting me to the launch. Looking forward to more content and initiatives from you! For more information on how to book the Sparks Studio space, do contact DBS.

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