Cafe Review: Baristart Coffee at 65 Tras St, Singapore 079004

I didn't recall seeing Baristart Coffee when I went to Hokkaido, Sapporo a few months ago in September, but seems like they are a successful cafe brand that has since opened on our sunny shores! Featuring the super creamy Hokkaido milk and 'gram aesthetiques, it's only natural that Singaporeans are going to be all over it. Hence the super crowded tables yesterday on a Saturday afternoon.

They are situated just a few doors down from my favourite cake place, Nesuto (which supplies to Five Oars, a cafe that's nearby too).

Here's their drink, dessert and food menu, in that order. As you can see, prices are a little too steep for it to be a regular cafe hangout, with a latte going above S$5.50 (that's the benchmark price I have for lattes). Of course, the Hokkaido BIEI Jersey milk seems to be the culprit since an espresso is only S$3.50. Note that if you want the smaller, single shot cold coffee with milk, get the BIEI Jersey Milk Coffee (S$7.50) even though they have an Iced Latte with BIEI Jersey Milk which is the same price.

Then there's the sweets section which makes sense since they should milk the Hokkaido milk to its fullest, hur hur. The famous Shiro Kuma shaved ice (S$9.80) has been making its rounds on Instagram but I couldn't BEAR to pay almost $10 for shaved ice. We do see some people ordering the parfait too, which looked like a nice alternative though if you read the reviews, you will know that the Cream Puff (S$4.50) is probably the best.

Lastly, the food menu! It comprised of 3 types of salad, 3 types of sandwiches (sando!)  and 2 pastas with 1 don. Plus some fried wedges (more like a savoury side dish).

Anyway, I got the Latte (S$6.7) which was definitely very full and creamy, without being too much. The double shot of coffee worked well to stand on its own in a polite fashion. Nothing too strong or remarkable about it, as it is with Japanese coffees. Still a good cuppa nonetheless! 3/5

I also shared the Tonkatsu Sando (S$16.8) with my sister. It's your typical fried pork cutlet, coated with ponzu sauce (a little too much and too strong!) with bits of shredded lettuce. The fries were just nice. I do wish the bread was thicker though because the sauce was so overwhelming. The pork itself was firm but not chewy to the bite, with a bit of fats at the corner. I would say its quite a different sandwich than the typical ones, but I won't say it makes me want to go back and have it again. I would rather go to a proper tonkatsu place. 3/5

Also got a Prawn and Avocado Salad with Yogurt (S$12.8) for some greens. Everything on it was fresh, and there were 3 juicy springy prawns in there with the perfectly ripe avo cubes. The slightly tangy, creamy yogurt was a good foil to tie everything together. I just wished it was a bit more generous though. 3.5/5

So that's my review of Baristart. Initially we wanted to try out their soft serve as well, but balked at the price of $6.50 for it in a cup or cone. Still I would recommend Hokkaido milk and cafe hopping fans to come try their coffee and cream puff and take one for the gram :P

Baristart Coffee Singapore
65 Tras Street, Singapore 079004
Daily 10am to 10pm
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