Food Review: Tipo Pasta Bar at 785 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198753

So there's been some talk about a new, super affordable halal pasta bar in town called Tipo in the Arab St / Haji Lane area and as a self-proclaimed handmade pasta fan, I got to check it out. Which I did one fine week day night for dinner with a friend in December last year. This visual (on Instagram by other people, but here I took the pic) below was what made me want to go. Just globs and nobs of pasta, drying out. Now that's a good sign!

The space was small but cosy and well-ventilated so phew. No greasy fried food smell here which is a pleasant surprise.

Love the handmade pastas just hanging out on the rack, chillin' and waiting to be eaten. Here's a close up.

These were the pastas of the day. Pretty interesting selection and mixture of flavours into what is normally just eggs and flour! 

Here's the menu chit that you order from (there's another proper menu but this is clearer, I think - click on image to see full size). Some items on a late weekday (like around 8+pm) was sold out, as expected. I did hear good things about the Black Truffle Pasta!

I got the regular Paprika Malfado with some chili flakes, grated parmesan, mixed zucchini (+S$2), sous vide egg (+$2), in a beef ragu sauce (S$9.90 +S$4, S$13.90).  It was an excellent combination mainly due to the perfectly cooked pasta with the right al dente texture that was the perfect vehicle to carry the beef ragu sauce coating. And for that price point??? 5/5

I got the Garlic and Parsley Parpadelle on behalf of my friend as she was running late. Unfortunately it didn't go as well, and the pasta was a tad overcooked and soft. The Aglio Olio was simply too mild for it. Individually the ingredients were ok but I'll recommend the beef ragu. 3/5

Great little spot for some halal, handmade pasta that tastes exactly as the description says. A+ for effort and even though it wasn't a 100% well-aimed shot, bonus for taking the shot to make these. I highly recommend every pasta and Italian food fan to come taste Tipo!

785 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198753
Daily 12pm to 10pm (Sun-Thur) or 11pm (Fri/Sat)

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