Buying wine at Fairprice: 9 Wines under $21 this May 2019

Took a stroll in AMK Hub's Fairprice Xtra yesterday and realised there were some pretty good wines going on sale and thought I might update my very 2013 old post on "How to choose and buy wine at NTUC Fairprice" with this one. Even though I am no wine expert, I have Vivino to help (not inside the hypermarket though because I get zero reception in there) and I decided to use PRICE as my first filter since we are talking about everyday wines anyway. Actually I find the wine selection in Fairprice to be pretty decent with wines from France, Italy, Chile, Australia, Argentina and New Zealand and they are really the most affordable ones in the market already, even if none of them cleared the 4/5 star mark - remember, they are just table wine that you can drink and forget.

Methodology: I looked at everything that is currently on sale and limited my snaps to those <$25. Then I went onto Vivino and searched for that brand + type + vintage (year) and screenshot in there the star ratings and no. of ratings. They are as below:

The French Cap Royal Bordeaux Superieur 2015 with 1.2k 3.7 star ratings is the best of out the bunch. A French wine for under $20? Insane!

These Espiritu Criollo wines are slightly pricier, but the Cab Sauvignon and Chardonnay seems ok if you are a fan of Argentinian wines (me!). They are the only ones with the discount ending 15 May so do get it before.

However, Californian The Naked Grape brand remains a perennial favourite of my family because of the juicy, sweet Moscato which ranked 3.8 out of 1357 ratings and their delicious Pinot Noir (3.3 out of 5.8k ratings which is the most no. of ratings on Vivino).

I also saw some really average Tesco Valle Central wines which probably could be avoided. I suppose the Chilean Just Wine Merlot with 3.8 ratings (only 3) could be worth a try.

Lastly the Chilean Reserva Vitral range that is all on sale till end May features the Chardonnay which seems decent at 3.6 stars among 356 ratings. I may be wrong but Chilean whites pair well with fish and seafood.

Anyway I browsed around the Vivino site some more and apparently the Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand brand Cloudy Bay has 4.1 stars and 33k ratings so get that from Fairprice instead if you have S$47 to spare. In any case I hope this helps when you are thinking of what wine to buy from NTUC Fairprice.

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