Indian Cuisine Review: Thevar at 9 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089117

I love Indian food. It is right up there in my top 10 cuisine list when it comes to delivering flavours, textures and excitement. So I was properly excited to accidentally chance upon Thevar when I was looking for Indian cuisine near me on Google Maps. Apparently it is contemporary grill bar and mod-Indian cuisine by Chef Mano Thevar and replaces Meta restaurant (it moved up the street, no wonder it looked so familiar). The small rectangular shophouse features a large open kitchen and a long bar counter along with a few tables on the side.

Here was the menu, which could change depending on seasonality and availability of ingredients. I like the simplicity of it all - I find it super taxing to have to decide what to order between pages and pages of items. Prices are reasonable for the location and positioning of the restaurant.

We ordered a few recommended items between the three of us sat along the bar. Firstly the very pleasant Chettinad Chicken Roti (S$16) which apparently is a super spicy dish OUTSIDE of Singapore, according to my friend. However it's been toned down for our weaker spice tolerance here and in Thevar and became more of an Indian pulled chicken taco with well-balanced flavours. Super delish. 4/5

The next dish was another starter, the butter mushroom naan with paneer cheese (S$16). We didn't really expect it to be in this form, which was a pleasant surprise! We had to scoop them into the naan to enjoy. Everything was light and cheery - no complaints and would order again! 4/5

Then for mains we decided to get the Tandoor baby lamb (S$48) with chickpea curry and green chutney since tandoor is their signature move. We paired that with a side of long-grained rice called the Berry Pulao (S$12) with cucumber and raisin raita, which was a slightly sweet and tasty carb companion to the perfectly roasted lamb that was so tender and juicy on the inside which having that delightful slathering of green chutney on top. It was heavenly. 4/5.

Lastly, we ordered some Cempedak puff (S$6) to round off the meal. This was interesting as the jackfruit-durian tasting creme inside wasn't too strong but goes well with the crispy puff. Would be made even better if there was some vanilla or coconut ice cream, I reckon. 

There's also a complimentary dessert on top of the puffs which was a refreshing twist.

I don't think I need to repeat myself again after raving through the dishes at Thevar that this is a highly recommended spot to check out if you're craving for something non-Western. I do hope they will stick around long enough because I'm going to be back!

9 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089117
Reserve on or call 69040838
Tuesdays to Saturdays 5pm to 12am
Closed on Sundays and Mondays

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