Opening review: O'TAH at #B2-241, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666

I must admit, our Jewel Changi Airport is really pretty. I wouldn't mind looking at it all day and night if I had the chance. It represents a little bit of our ambitions as Singaporeans, tiny but shiny, innovative yet organic. 

Going down to the basement level presents another experience of seeing the world's tallest indoor waterfall from another perspective! The glass pillar with water cascading down like a watercolour painting was too pretty.

Down in basement 2 is also where you'll find a myriad of food stalls in a food court-like setting, with the famous Alley bubble tea also setting up shop there. I went into the throng to check out O'TAH, a new next-gen otah concept stall by the Lee Wee trio brothers. 

They are right at the corner end of the food hall (beside O Coffee Club) and you might miss it if you don't look out of these huge green text on the wall!

At O'TAH, they are all about mixing up the classics with the new and coming up with an updated take on the one-note local favourite. 

We sampled some of their still-spicy and freshly made otah that included new flavours like petai beans (no, not that strong tasting) and anchovy (S$1.70 each), salmon, scallops and cream cheese and corn (S$2.20 each, S$26.40 for 12).

I really enjoyed their take on the mexican taco too, with the cheekily named TAH-co (S$9.90) which uses breaded and plain mackerel fish otah in a soft tortilla, with generous servings of guacamole, salsa, corn and purple cabbage. The guac was so generous it was falling out! It was still spicy but that was moderated by the cheese and mayo sauce. It is such a good idea, I wonder why no one else thought about it! Good job, Lee Wee brothers.

We also had some otah fries (S$6.90) which was sinfully good, especially with the creamy mayo and ketchup dip.

Then there was Ben’s Burger (S$11.90) which looked irresistable due to its charcoal buns. It features a fried otah patty with tomato slices, caramelised onions, some purple cabbage and a sunny side-up along with some fries. We enjoyed this very much too since the bun was a great carb companion to the spicy and crispy fish patty.

Another favourite of the day was an update to the trendy Lobster Roll called the Reuben Roll (S$10.90). The otah  is mixed with prawns and coleslaw with lime mayonnaise half in a perfectly grilled brioche bun and sprinkled with some anchovy bits. What a lovely idea too and the chunks of fresh prawns were super generous. I think if I wanted a mid-afternoon snack, this will be it.

Lastly, they also had some brilliant gifts to buy as souvenir to take away. And may I just commend the packaging as well for being super on point?! For a taste of Peranakan flavours, consider their Sambal Chili (S$6.90 only!).

O'TAH surprised me with their line-up of items beyond their Otah remixes. With such mixing of international styles with local fillings, it is a testament of our innovative spirit and gives me hope for the next-gen of culinary leaders. I highly recommend you guys to check them out when you are bored of standing in line for the orange bear's food nearby :P

#B2-241, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666
24 hours daily

Thanks to Brand Cellar and O'TAH for the invite!

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