Product review: Tesalate sand-free towel from Australia

Hi guys! It's been a hot minute since I've done a non-food review, but here I am today because of this amazing, magical sand-free beach towel from Tesalate, a start up brand from Australia. They've asked me if I would like to try it out and I answered with a resounding yes because it sounds too good to be true. I'm glad I tried it. If you guys know, I love the beach even though I don't know how to swim. I find vitamin sea to be very essential for my wellbeing so I make it a point to visit beaches in Singapore, and overseas be it Bali, Batam, Barcelona or the Italian island of Capri.

The story of Tesalate is a great one. The two founders from Sydney realised there's a problem carrying sand-laden towels from their famous beaches (which I visited a few weeks ago and fell in love with). They decided to invest in R&D and started selling the new innovative sand-free towels at the Bondi Beach markets in 2016. In two years however they started shipping to over 130 countries and currently has over 17k 5-star reviews on their website. The towel was shipped efficiently to me via DHL, and arrived in a waterproof drawstring carry bag. 

One of the things I love about it was how compact it is because it is not fluffy, yet super absorbent so you can use it as a bath towel after tanning at the beach on it (it can take up to 1 litre of water!). There's a myriad of super lovely designs to choose from on the Tesalate website, with each single person towel retailing for 59 USD with FREE shipping worldwide. I picked this "Between Two Palms" blue and pink design.

Here are some of the towels on their site. I took a good 15 mins deciding which to get because they are all so pretty!

The back of the towel is printed on their signature b/w triangle pattern and there's a looped string at the side so you can also hang up the towel if you like! The towel is made of Absorblite micro fiber (20% Polyamide and 80% Polyester) and weighs only 490g.

I like how I could wrap it around me like a tube dress, or use it as a blanket as the day cools down a little.  When I'm done I just need to give it a good shake!

Here I am enjoying my day at our Palawan beach at Sentosa - even if I sweat it gets readily absorbed on the sand-free towel. Thanks to Tesalate for sending this to me - I honestly think it is a great innovation and product which I'm recommending to everyone. Visit and check out a sand-free towel today if you are visiting the beach or pool regularly!

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