Gadget review: Jabees Beeing Earbuds

It's been a minute since I last did a tech gadget review, but I am back today to tell you about these Jabees Beeing true wireless bluetooth earbuds I received from Axtrosports (a Singaporean wearables fitness tech e-comms site).

At first I was skeptical about these because I've bought a pair of really el cheapo earbuds from Lazada which was total rubbish. And I've been contemplating buying Samsung's Galaxy Buds (around S$200 from resellers) but never did because they seemed slightly unnecessary (my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a headphone jack and I have wired headphones)!

So when I checked out Jabees Beeing and saw it retailing at S$119 (in black or white) without any reviews on both websites or Youtube, I wondered if they will work. The brand name (Jabees sounded a bit like the other earbud brand Jaybird) and the actual product name (Beeing?? Like a bee that is in action?) was suspect too.
Jabees Beeing earbuds
Credit: Axtrosports
Well guess what? THEY DID! I've been trying them out for two weeks and they worked like a charm. This is what it looks like when you open the box, like a book. The packaging is sleek with minimal plastic packaging which is great.

The boxes had an instruction manual, a USB-C cable (not quick charge, unfortunately) and two small bags of extra differing sized bud tips and wings to adjust to your ear size. I really appreciated that because the main gripe I have with the Airpods is one-size fits all - there's no earbud covers. The charging case is also Qi-enabled so you can rest it on a wireless charging pad if you do not want to use the USB-C cable to charge it, which is what I do at work!

So here are the earbuds when you open them up. It has a magnetic closure so it was #sosatisfying. You could, with a little bit more difficulty than the Airpods, open it with one hand. You have to press the button in the centre to activate the wireless charging (light will turn flashing red).

What I really liked about these is that when you take them out of the case, it turns on automatically. Pairing was a breeze as well and you only need to do it once. Subsequently you just need to take them out of the case, stick them in your ears and they will automatically turn on, pair with each other, then pair with your phone's bluetooth. You turn them off the same way - just put it back into the case. Here I am wearing them with my Trouvee earrings and freshly DIY dyed hair 🦄

Connection-wise it was pretty good without any dropping as I wore them on my commute daily - though I did notice that if your phone is close to the charging case, it might affect the connection a little - but that's just a hypothesis. I wouldn't say the connection was NOT interrupted before but it was brief and it was only for my phone. When I connect it to my office Macbook, I could walk at least 200m away and it was still working!

Well, it fits so well that if you want to bang your head to some great music, you can do so without it falling out! They are meant to be sweat-resistant as well so I reckon you could run with them easily and comfortably.

So how's the sound quality, you might ask! Because to me that's the ultimate factor. Well I have ZERO complaints with it. For something so tiny and self-reliant (4h single charge playtime), the sound was surprisingly full with decent bass (main gripe) and highs - because the nano membranes are graphene-enhanced. I wish you could hear it for yourself. If I have to compare them to my Audiotechnica's wired headphones, I would say they rate about 7.5/10. That's really not too bad. If I had to rate it against my colleague's B&O $500 earbuds, they would be at 6.5/10 - but the B&Os are also 4x more ex. Definitely 15/10 against Airpods - both looks, quality and fit wise.

So there you have it! I am completely happy with these Jabees Beeing true wireless bluetooth earbuds and highly recommend them to everyone I meet. You can buy it here and don't forget to leave a review when you are done!

Thanks Axtrosports for sending me the pair for review!

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