Personal banking pro tip from a super non-savvy PMEB OL

Hi guys! Interrupting the usual feed of food reviews and travel itineraries with this very important PSA and pro-tip. When it comes to personal finances and managing my money, everyone knows that I am HORRIBLE at it. That's why I got a personal financial manager to help me, because there's no way I'll be rich if I do it myself. But at the same time because #ADULTING - I'm also here to recommend everyone to use OCBC's 360 Account. Disclaimer: This is 100% not sponsored. I opened a OCBC 360 Account since re-joining the workforce 2.6 years ago, and I really think it is a good personal banking account for people like you and me which is why I'm here today.
So here's what it is and how it works, which you can also see from the OCBC website.
For everyone that's working and getting a salary, 360 account is the easiest to earn bonus interest. All you gotta do is credit your salary into the account ($2K minimum) to get 1.2% bonus interest a year on the first $35k and 2% on next $35k. Which is not bad for spare cash lying around.

Secondly, what's good is that there's no need to bundle any transactions in order to earn interest so each eligible transaction earns you interest independently (no need to bundle salary credit + credit card spend).

Lastly, what I also like is that it incentivises you to keep growing your account balance month on month. So at least there is a growth target to save towards!

Anyway, I also saw that there's a promo happening now to open a 360 Account to get $20 cash reward... so if you haven't already! You can Apply Online with your Singpass or visit an OCBC bank branch.

Hope this is useful for you if you're thinking of how to at least keep your money from becoming smaller by leaving it in the bank! That's all from me, clueless PMEB OL :P

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