Food Review: KOMYUNITI at L10 YOTEL, 366 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238904

Situated right in the heart of Orchard Road but hidden in plain sight is the restaurant and bistro called KOMYUNITI, situated at Level 10 of the YOTEL Hotel. You might see that YOTEL sign as you walk towards Palais Renaissance on the main Orchard Road or you get to it via Shaw Centre. Walking towards the end of this path pictured below and turning left will see you getting to the International Building. Nestled deep inside is the boutique hotel with funky lights and robotic staff at the lobby.

Here's the restaurant which you will find once taking the lift to Level 10. Very spacious and airy with high ceilings and zero greasy smell. I think the hotel guests comes here for their brekkie.

However I was there for their refreshed food and cocktail menu tasting! Here I am with their KOMpliment signature cocktail (all cocktails are S$18) a light and refreshing cocktail made with butterfly pea flower-infused gin. And it matches my hair!

Here's the cocktail menu for your reference.

For food, here's the simple but interesting menu. Dishes are international and modern Asian mix... dare I say fusion. 

We started with some sharing items such as this Hoisin Duck Flat Bread (S$23). The bread's made right in the kitchen so it was super darn fresh! In fact an Asian pizza, if you were to think about it. Quite delicious and great for sharing among family or friends. 3.5/5

We also made our own Beef pita bread pockets (S$24) with a very good trio of sauces to customise the soft beefy slices with. Again a very refreshing take on the typical! No complaints at all with this. Should definitely order if there's 2 or 4 of you! 4/5

We also tried the Beef Burger with Charcoal Bun (S$24) which was pretty average to me other than the shockingly black colour which makes an appearance again in the fish and chips. All the elements in the burger combined well. 3/5

My personal favourite was the Charcoal fish fingers and chips (S$15). It might look rather intimidating but the fish inside the charcoal batter was fresh and juicy. The fries were also reminiscent of McDonald's which I enjoy (and have occasional cravings for). Dip that in the spicy mayo sauce and it was perfect! I would come back just for this. 4.5/5

Then, a crowd favourite that night made the appearance and killed all our tastebuds, which was a good thing since it came last. The Spicy Korean Fried Chicken (S$18) was slathered with spicy (but not fire noodle level) gochujang sauce. That with the sourish kimchi made for a great combination! If you are a fan of KFC, this is for you. 4/5

We also had the Potted plant tiramisu (S$18) for dessert. Rather gimmicky, even if it was a decent tiramisu itself (no alcohol I think so kids and teetotallers can have it, but do check). 3.5/5

What does have alcohol is their coffee cocktail, which would wake one up from the food coma instantly. I had to refrain from it due to caffeine's effect on my sleep! For those who enjoy the coffee taste though, this is a great post-dinner drink. 

Lastly, we also had Chef come out and create this special helium balloon dessert treat using liquified sugars that coated around a pipe before helium was injected. We were supposed to inhale the helium after receiving the balloon (upon request/bdae celebration only). 

This restaurant and bistro is a really great find that is hidden inside Orchard Road, with its affordable Western-Asian dishes and desirable cocktails. Creativity and taste is definitely not dead in here, all while it promotes community and sharing. Props to them and do check them out when you are in town for a gathering!
Level 10, YOTEL Singapore, 366 Orchard Road Singapore 238904
Daily 6.30am to 12 midnight (1am on Fri-Sun).
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Thanks to PRecious Communications and YOTEL for the invite!

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