Mooncake spotlight: Bing Liang Bakery traditional less sugar mooncakes 2019

Tis' the season to be jolly... oops wrong holiday. But the time of the year for baked goods is now looming with the Chinese Mid-autumn Festival 2019, or as Singaporeans like to call, Mooncake Festival. And for those looking to buy some traditional mooncakes (there are still fans of those, over the fancy snowskin type) do check out Bing Liang Bakery (link here).  They are a local, online-only store which stocks different flavours like pandan, green tea, red bean, durian and white/regular lotus filling wrapped in typical brown, baked skin. When I was invited to try it, I chose the Low Sugar White Lotus seed paste with single yolk mooncake set (S$46) because my folks didn't like sweet things and it is a healthier option anyway! Here's what it looks with the pretty tiered drawer box and bag.

What's cool about Bing Liang mooncakes is that they can be delivered to your recipient, baked fresh within 60 minutes of ordering. That is pretty impressive! I would imagine it as a great gift for your work vendors, boss, extended family... 

Do you realise that the stamp on the mooncake actually says Low Sugar 低糖 in Mandarin? That's pretty cool. I think HPB should just order them in bulk and give it to their partners and staff! Haha.

Tasting it, I think it was a pretty typical and solid traditional lotus paste mooncake that was definitely less sweet or oily. The downside of it though was that the filling ended up being slightly dry - a compromise to accept, being on the healthier side of life. My dad liked it and appreciated the move to cut down sugar while my mum preferred the OG type ("you need to add a lot of oil for it to really taste good"). 

Regardless I think they were still an affordable and reliable version if you are looking to buy traditional baked mooncakes this season! Pro tip - use code ‘YUMMY‘ at check out for 10% OFF all mooncakes as well at

Thanks to Sharon for inviting me to try!

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