Alert and review: Fix & Fogg Peanut Butters available in Singapore

I'll just get straight to it. Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Fix & Fogg are the makers of the best* peanut butter in the world. And the good news is, they are available right in Singapore both in grocery stores and online! I had the pleasure to receive these awesome made-with-love peanut butters and after trying a couple of them, I am here to tell you all about it. The most important thing you must know about these butters is they are made by a bunch of peeps who are nuts...about nuts! Turns out 2 corporate lawyers decided to quit their day jobs and be completely hands-on in crafting the peanut butters from start to finish.

This is the result:

No one bottle is a generic composition of mass-manufactured brown goo. Each bottle contains high-oleic (which means good fats, basically) peanuts and a variety of interesting ingredients that is locally and sustainably sourced. I had the dark chocolate version which was SINFULLY good - you have all the pleasures of dark, non-sweet chocolate mixed into the nutty intensity of churned peanuts.

It was so good, I made some matcha dark choc peanut butter cake in an Airfryer with it! Was almost too scared to part with amount required!

I also tried the coffee and maple version which had ground coffee bits inside. This is like having brekkie all in one jar! The maple gave it a different dimension and depth while the ground coffee bits created a new sandy texture. I liked it, especially on some sourdough toast! However if you are not the adventurous sort, I'll recommend the dark choc or just plain version first to try. 

Each bottle retails for S$9.95 here - and on Redmart if you buy 2 there's 10% off! Not a bad deal for a healthy breakfast spread or something to add to your smoothies (recipes on how to on their website).

I'm seriously grateful that Singapore is part of where Fix & Fogg ships their products too, and also to the team for sending me these to try so THANK YOU! I am hopelessly addicted now and will be going to replenish them when I run out. I highly recommend for you to try too! Find out where to get them here -

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