Online food review: Shepherd's Pie Delivery in Singapore

Fun fact: I once made shepherd's pie in Home Econs class in secondary school, which is why I developed a liking for it. However it was only recently that I learnt what we call shepherd's pie in Singapore is actually cottage pie, for shepherd's pies are made with lamb while the kind we know of here is usually made with beef or chicken. There you go, 2 fun facts! Anyway, the reason I'm talking about all these is because I was recently sent with a couple of beef and chicken shepherd's pies by online delivery e-store, ! They do next day deliveries ($7/order, free for >$70) in 3 time slots if you order before 5pm.

They come in 3 different sizes: Mini (S$4.20), Medium (S$18.90) and Massive (S$29.90). I got them all to understand the portions as well. As you can see, the Massive can feed 4-6 pax and is about double of the Medium, while the Mini cups are more for personal snacking (not exactly a meal). So the most worth it has to be the Massive tray, which is great to bring to a potluck I must say.

How did it taste, you wonder? I wondered too which is why I agreed to try it out when I was having a gathering with my friends - the more the merrier!  We also ordered Thai food to supplement the party since there were quite a lot of us.

Taste-wise, one thing for sure is that the chicken version was sweeter than the beef, and that went a bit over the edge of strange for us. I've provided feedback to so no worries on that. What's more interesting was the curry spice mix that was used in both filling, under the delightfully smooth potato mash that had a light coating of cheese above. Now that's really interesting because they were not just typical tomato puree with beef stock. It certainly gave it a very local flavour. 

The Curry Beef Massive Shepherd's Pie was definitely the crowd pleaser for the balance of sweet and savoury. I'll recommend trying this if you're thinking to order from , though there are also other flavours like Black Pepper, Rendang and Shroom to try as well. We popped these into the oven to heat it up by the way (because people were late to the gathering) so the top is slightly browner than when we got it.

Thanks to for sending across these pies for us to try! If you're looking to get some for a party, gathering, occasion, don't hesitate to try 'em out :)


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