Foodie Travel Itinerary: 8 F&B places to check out in Hua Hin, Thailand

Hi guys! This is long overdue but I thought I'll put it down anyway because I had such a great time going on holiday with my girl friends last year in December in Thailand where other than the usual Bangkok (which will follow), we also went to Hua Hin, a sleepy coastal town about 3-4 hours' drive away from the capital. So this post is all about the restaurants, cafes and food places that we checked out in our time there.
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Anyway, first stop on our road trip from BKK to Hua Hin was this pad thai stopover called Tha Yang Pad Thai that's not quite at Hua Hin (another hour) but on the way. It was rated as the best pad thai around with a 100-year recipe. Our expectations were naturally raised, but what we found was it was a very decent but not fantabulous pad thai. Great for a mid-way lunch though!

When we got to our super awesome accommodation called The Restro where we lounged around and chilled out a bit before going to a lovely dog cafe called Inu Cafe. The Shiba Inu doggos there were so cute! Nothing about the F&B stood out - they were just alright - the doggos were in excellent condition and well-cared for. They were all about the treatos though so don't expect them to play with you if you are empty-handed! Here are me and my homies w some of 'em :D

Next we went to a nearby Som Tam restaurant called Som Tam Thanon Tok 51 for some pre-dinner appetisers. Their som tam salad was handmade for us on the spot and super delicious. The grilled pork neck too! Highly recommend if you are a fan of the spicy, sour salad and traditional Thai snacks.

We headed to the Hua Hin Night Market subsequently to get some street food for dinner and for me, some mango sticky rice to takeaway!

The next day we woke somewhat bright and early, and went out to a Instagram location. Haha that's the best description for this compound called Seenspace Huahin, which is chock full of spots to take photos to post on social media.

We did that, and even paid for some desserts at Burning Daylight so we could take pics :P

 After the morning adventure (actually it went past lunch time) we had a mission to check out another cafe famous for their French bulldogs. And food. The place took us a while to get to with a Grab (bless our driver and her patience), because it was so out of the way! So I don't recommend for you to go if you did not rent your own transport. The Debo Cafe Number 2 had a range of yummy noodles though if you do decide to check it out. 

Here's one of our Tom Yam noodles with a giant meatball. 

Highlight was taking pics or petting with a few of the Frenchies! They roam free and are the owners' pets so don't expect them to hang around.

After that we decided to check out an old school funfair themed "night market"...? We heard much about Plearnwan so we had to go take a walk. It was quite quiet TBH for such a large space with shops similar to most other night markets, and a bit of street food.

We had our sights set on another place for dinner that night though and it's the Cicada Night Market. They operated with a coupon system and food/drinks from stalls were not that cheap, by the way. Still we had fun sampling the different stalls with local Thai food!

The next and last day saw us going to finally, a beachside cafe! Hua Hin is technically a beach town so its amazing that we managed not to go near there other than Seenspace. The Skoop beach cafe though was super awesome for both their food (not juce ice cream) and their beach layout! Definitely recommend for a morning of brunch and lazing around suntanning!

Here's an interactive map featuring all the spots.

So there you have it, our Hua Hin adventures as told from the 8 foodie stops. I hope this is useful for when you plan your trip there. All the places above are what I would recommend when you get there :) and remember to check out ProPrivacy's VPN travel guide to get a good VPN when you travel! I hope to do a new trip soon with these cool kids.

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