Burger review: Lombardo's Singapore at 15 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089481

Do you know that Singapore's most expensive burgerc costs S$250, with proceeds going to the Children's Charity Association? That is part of the reason why I have heard of this place, but also because Lombardo's seemed to have pretty good burgers (touted as Amsterdam's Best Burger restaurant) and they are near where I work so I could meet up with a dear friend. We decided to check it out last week over lunch, which was when I witnessed a 24 carat gold leaf bun in the making.  That's probably someone's metal intake for a lifetime.

It's as if you ask someone to think of the most hyped, expensive ingredients and throw it all together in a burger. But hey, it's for charity so no complaining! Great PR idea in fact to introduce the restaurant to Singaporeans who love to eat and have plenty of money to do charity (while at it!). This is how it looks like. 

Source: Lombardo's Singapore
Here's how the restaurant is like, nestled at the end of the walkway on Duxton Road as you walk down from Littered with Books. 

Hailing from Amsterdam, Lombardo's is their first branch overseas and they couldn't have picked a better spot, I reckon! 

Cosy shophouse interior, as all the shophouses around are like here. There's absolutely no greasy smells so you can eat here during lunch without worrying of smelling like anything after going back to the office.

A sort of open 'deli' counter area where the magic is assembled is also available if you want to watch the burgers being made.

Funny writing on the wall. I agree. You can do it but it's gon be weird.

Here are the menus for Lombardo's Singapore. For those who want something lighter, go for their classic or sandwiches.  Click on them for the full size in a new window.

I was looking forward to the Hold the Beef Burgers but sadly they are currently unavailable!

Prices are slightly steep compared to nearby lunch prices but for dinner they are super.

And here's my Dutch Cheese burger (S$22.50) from the classic menu! We both got the same thing. later found out that the seedy bun is actually a collab with Tiong Bahru Bakery and they baked this for Lombardo's. It is always great to hear whenever there's collaboration in F&B - especially with a local and foreign shop! The bun was sturdy but not dry, with the seeds they make for an interesting foil for the patty. 

I love the patty by the way. So juicy and beefy with the right amount of bite. It's no wagyu - the black angus beef was treated with care and paired with their secret burger sauce (so good) and a couple of tangy pickles. Yum. If I am eating beef nowadays, I make sure they are a good one. These are really worth it.

Anyway, here's my super short and sweet review for Lombardo's because I only had that burger, even though during our time there at least TWO diners got the $250 burger. On a random Tuesday lunch time. So back to my original point about Singaporeans. Anyway, I will be back in future to check out their rest because that was really fine.

Lombardo's Singapore
15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481
Tuesdays to Sundays 11.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm
Closed on Mondays
Reserve on Quandoo or Chope

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