Dinner review: Izy Fook at 27 Club St, Singapore 069413

I've been meaning to check out the cheekily named Izy Fook, a modern Asian fusion restaurant on Club St, for the longest time now. I think I've been to Izy, the Japanese iteration in its past life before. However it has changed, perhaps for the better, now that local signature classics have been introduced to the land of Western bistros and bars in the area with names all starting with "Le" - including the spa. We went, uninvited, on a random Tuesday evening this week and ordered a few dishes to share.

It's a rather longish restaurant with a bar stretching inwards to the open kitchen. There's more regular tables after that inside for more intimate dining! A good thing despite the open kitchen - no smells or grease at all so no worries on that.

Here are their cocktail and food menus - both a single piece of paper, which I like. We tried the Italian Sparkling (S$13) and the Pinot Grigio (S$13), both of which are really agreeable. Their signature cocktails also seemed rather interesting, and falls on the more affordable side of pricing. 

When asked for reccos, we were told that among the small plates, the lamb tacos, crispy tofu, cereal soft shell prawns and bok choy could be considered (I think - couldn't remember exactly). The Char Siu is also a must-try, which I already knew from social media :P Along with the Prawn Mee Pok. We got those two, as well as the lamb tacos and tofu. 

The Lamb Masala Tacos (S$16) were given to us to DIY. That's great because I could exclude the greens and just slather on some tender lamb and luxurious masala sauce on the soft taco. There's a slight lamb-y taste that I definitely picked out, but I wasn't too perturbed since the masala balanced it out. We asked for a bit more tacos in the end because there's some more masala to soak up! 3.5/5 

The Crispy Tofu (S$11) was a pleasant surprise, looking more like a delectable piece of fish than just beancurd. The play on textures is obvious and the chilli gave it a nice kick. 4/5

Next was the signature charcoal Char Siu (small, S$10) which did not disappoint. The honeyed barbecue pork was incredibly soft and melt-in-the-mouth in the middle while the outside had a bit of a caramelised crunch with its sticky, sweet and slightly charred layer. It was almost too sinful to consider it as a side dish. 4/5

Next, the Superior Prawn Mee Pok (S$19) with de-shelled tiger prawns, strips of lup cheong and ebi shrimp swimming in a sweet, seafood umami broth coating the al dente flat noodles aka mee pok. We both really enjoyed this carbolicious dish and it is definitely better to share the calories than to order a bowl for yourself. 4.5/5


Unfortunately that's all our stomachs could handle and dessert was skipped out in lieu for another drink elsewhere. Regardless, I think Izy Fook is a great little place for dinner and drinks in Club St if you're looking for something a little less 'expat-y' but do not want to go full on hawker. Go try it if you are in the area!

Izy Fook
27 Club Street, Singapore 069413
Noon to 2pm (except Saturdays), 5pm to 10pm
Closed on Sundays
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