Food review: Dusk Restaurant and Bar at Faber Peak, Singapore 099203

Maybe I'm old school, but I think going to a romantic restaurant for a dinner date is still one of the most simple but sweet idea for couples. And many a times I hope (!) that someone is searching to find that perfect restaurant to go for a date in Singapore, with its generic mall-restaurants dotting every corner of the city. Because if you do, you're in luck. Dusk Restaurant and Bar at Faber Peak is the perfect destination just for that! I've heard about this place for a while but never got around to get there (#singlebutnotmingling) so I happily accepted when the One Faber Group invited me to try out their new refreshed menu! After a complimentary cable car ride from Habourfront up to Mt Faber, I was greeted by this sight.

I was also greeted by these, which was equally welcome. The sweet, frozen Smoking-Nitro Lychee Margarita cocktail (S$16) and the food we were going to taste all laid out, basking in the Dusk (hur pun intended) light.

Here are the menus, which included new additions like Duck Confit (sadly sold out that day!) and retained mainstays like their Tiger Prawn Capellini. Click to view the menus in full-size in a new window!

Here are their cocktail menus, featuring some very cool Nitro cocktails. Or beer towers, if that's how you roll. The cable car operates till later with the last ride down at 11.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays so you can stay and chill before going somewhere else to party (or sleep, like me haha). 

The wine selection.

Anyway, on to the food!  First up some tapas to start. Among it, the Crab & Mango Stack (S$18) made with jumbo crabmeat, tomatoes, mango, avocado and cress was probably my fav. It was refreshing with a mixture of textures like the creamy avo with the tart mango alongside generous scoops of sweet crabmeat. 3.5/5

Then we got some of that delicious Duck Rillette Au Gratin (S$22) on some ciabatta toast. This was probably the same duck that was made into a confit, which we did not have the chance to try this time! The rilette version though was very agreeable. 3.5/5

The Wine Poached Oysters (S$22) looked interesting but since I am not a fan of cooked oysters, I skipped out on it. They were poached with white wine, Italian white sauce and topped with ikura.

We tried 2 mains. The first, a Pan Seared Red Snapper (S$28) with mango salsa feels like a really safe option for those going on a date and not wanting to overeat (there's steak and pork options). A clean, simply-made fish is the perfect choice! It was really quite enjoyable because its difficult to mess this up if you have a piece of good fish. 4/5

Then the final carb dish at the end of everything - the famous Tiger Prawn Capellini (S$28) with lobster-infused oil coating the the sautéed angle hair pasta. This is Dusk Restaurant's signature dish and I can see why! The oil based thin pasta is a perfect foil to carry the umami flavours and showcase the sweet fresh taste of the big bouncy prawns. A little bit reminiscent of our Asian dry prawn noodles, but this is much more atas, of course! 4/5

We also ended the tasting with some really indulgent Guinness Chocolate Cake (S$18) which is the classic sweet ending that couples will probably order. Despite that, it is a very creamy and delicate dessert. A little too sweet for me, TBH, but then again I find my sweet tooth to be in decline. There's a lychee crumble or a homemade cheesecake as an alternative, if chocolate is not your thing. 3/5

Here's the sun setting at dusk, at Dusk. Hur. Sorry couldn't resist.

Of course if you're looking for a nice romantic spot for a dinner date, I highly recommend Dusk Restaurant and Bar. Or even a sweet small gathering between friends and family with their gorgeous alfresco deck. While the food and drinks are not absolute top nosh, you get your money's worth with the ambience, views and company so no complaints!

Dusk Restaurant & Bar
Faber Peak Singapore, Level 2
109 Mount Faber Road, Singapore 099203
4pm to 11pm on Sundays to Thursdays, to 2am! on Fridays and Saturdays

Thanks to One Faber Group and Dusk Restaurant for the invite!

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