Snack alert: Chicken Skins are dangerously addictive

Hi guys! If you have not already read about these new snacks from you might not have been the most updated. So here I am to tell you about these fried chicken skins in 4 different flavours - mala, tom yum, salted egg and original because they are the bomb dot com. Ayam Cemani is actually the name of a rare, black chicken (seriously, google it) but as a brand from Singapore, they make chicken skin snacks with 99% fat removed so you can indulge HEALTHILY.

Also if you quote "ALEXIS20" now on the site you get 20% off with min. of 3 packs in a box with FREE SHIPPING, which equals to $8 per pack, till 31 Oct!

My favourite is actually a toss up between the salted egg and tangy tom yum. The original version needs to be eaten fresh - if you let the pack sit for a bit after opening, it gets slightly stale and the oily taste is more apparent. 

The 3-pack is a super good deal which is perfect for parties, or just chilling at home watching TV :P
Here I am trying the mala version which is SUPER SPICY, so be warned. If you can't take spice like me, just one is enough to send you over the edge. 

Thanks and Brand Cellar for sending these addictive snacks across! If you want yours go to and quote ALEXIS20 for your 20%!

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