Cocktail review: Oriental Elixir at 10 Haji Lane, Singapore 189203

Merry Christmas folks! If you're looking to zig rather than zag, to have a mala cocktail rather than a Manhattan, then the newish under-the-rader Oriental Elixir on the 2nd floor of a Haji Lane shophouse (look for Bergs signboard) - will be just the spot. It's by the same folks who opened Spiffy Dapper, and in fact the decor and set up was similar to Spiffy's. A Tanglin gin-based bar that does their own mad scientist infusions using locally-sourced Asian ingredients is probably a good way to describe this cocktail joint. There's no menu - you simply tell them what you like/dislike - and they will concoct something to surprise you. Prices will be around the $20+ range I suppose! A small price for a big experience.

I went with 3 friends and together we sampled a range from the fruity to the savoury. Yes, savoury! 

First there's my drink (the one with the metal straw) made with papaya infused gin and pineapple apple cider vinegar, lychee syrup and lemon. 

Then my friend's request for something botanical saw a sweet Kaffir lime leaf gin with sugar, lime,  and Sichuan peppercorn bitters. She liked it though the sweetness can be toned down.

The really weird one was the shrimp gin with mala syrup, sichuan peppercorn bitters, lemon, egg whites and ghost pepper bitters. It was like having a meal in an alcoholic cocktail format. Somewhat weird and wonderful if you're into an adventure! 

Lastly, the crowd favourite was my other friend's drink with the same botanical but refreshing request. He got one made with pani poori syrup, Tanglin mandarin chilli gin, lime juice and egg whites. It was the right balance and was even spicier than the shrimp gin one.

For those looking to live life on the wild side, do check out Oriental Elixir and let one of the two mixologists (aka crazy scientists) there speak to you about how and what they do! Cheers.

Oriental Elixir
6pm to midnight, closed on Sundays
+65 82339810

Thanks to Oriental Elixir for inviting me!

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