Food Review: Taiwan JinFeng Braised Meat Rice Jiak by 金峰 has opened at AMK Hub B2, Singapore 569933

When I was at AMK Hub today I wondered out of curiosity if the Singaporean outlet of the popular Taiwanese lu rou fan, or braised meat rice, shop called Jin Feng 金峰 has already opened. Turns out they have! It's endearingly called Jiak (means eat in Hokkien, a shared dialect we have here and in Taiwan) and was open since last week! And when I saw it was operating and had no queue today, I knew I had to set my lunch quota aside to try it.

A rather simple menu with a few star items on it.

Here's the menu at a closer glance. A main, basic Lu Rou Base (mushroom braised pork on rice or rice noodles) costs S$4.90 for a medium and S$5.90 for a large. Incredible value! They also have the braised pork belly version for a dollar more on the M and $1.50 more from the large. As well as a "rou geng"  肉羹 base which I didn't understand was what. You can also make it a combo to add on chicken wing/chop or the rou geng. I just got the basic order, plain, because I wanted no distractions.

A lot of curious bystanders and people just perusing their menu but not many queuing. I had to wait for one person to collect their food before I got mine.

Meanwhile, would you take a moment to admire these glorious salty crispy fried chicken just like I did?

Here's my lunch box, which I had to get home to consume because there was no seating - Jiak is only a takeaway stall!

Tadah! Here's how it looked when I unboxed it. 

Verdict? Damn friggin good. It's amazing how something as simple as fatty pork braised in good sauce can be so foodgasmic. The braised egg was a nice touch, while the cucumbers were pickled (not like the raw ones in nasi lemak) so it lent a good tart crunch and cut through to the fattiness. The rice was normal and in fact quite generous for the price since this is definitely more than the typical round metal bowl serving. 

Need I say more, it's definitely worth checking out because there's nothing quite like it here in Ang Mo Kio (I would know) or nearby, so if you are looking for a taste of Taiwan, this is it! I'm glad they have managed to open their first outlet here in Singapore - please do open more!

Jiak by 金峰
AMK Hub #B2-47, Singapore 569933
 Seems to open daily 10am to 10pm (mall hours)

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