Food review: Walking on Sunshine at #03-07 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Do you often feel like there's no place good in town for chilling and eating with your friends because it's too crowded everywhere? Well, seek and you shall find because here at Orchard Central, Walking on Sunshine is a lifestyle concept hair salon and cafe bistro that manages to carve out some respite in the midst of it all. I was pleasantly surprised when I was invited a few weeks back to see this Korean concept hidden on the 3rd floor of the OC, which is probably still the least crowded mall in all of Orchard. We also had quite the feast, as this beautiful flat lay shows:

What I really liked about this place is all the greenery with the plants (doesn't matter if its real or fake) everywhere.

Very Instagrammable, this. That will probably be where you see all the mentions of this place and its food.

See? Place to chill! I know many people who would love to remote work from here if they could. And it wasn't too cold/warm/noisy as well.

The cafe counter with its assortment of apparatus.

Here's the entrance walkway from the mall when I look back at it. Half of it is the salon, and the other half the chilling area.

Speaking of food, we had a large assortment of dishes - some better than the others, though generally you couldn't go wrong with most of them. 

I felt that the Salmon and Avo rice bowl (S$13.50) was also a bit underwhelming. Even if sushi rice was used, I felt the chunks in there were kinda disparate from each other. 2/5

The BBQ pork ribs (S$24.50) were a tad dry and not very meaty - the fries and mash were great though! 2/5

Same with the Korean fried chicken (S$23.50) unfortunately even though I was really excited to try them. The chicken pieces were probably too big and had to be cooked thoroughly, hence losing some of the moisture in the process. 2.5/5

The rest below however are great! First off, my friend's Mocha drink was in fact smooth, creamy and NOT TOO SWEET. My butter caramel latte was... so if you are looking for a drink try this or their fresh juice infusions (grapefruit!) or tea.

The Honey Ham and Cheese panini (S$18.50) was drizzled with honey and came with bits of raisins, which gave the salty ham/cheese combo a nice pop of sweetness together with the nicely toasted ciabatta. One thing though, it is quite expensive I just realised, for a panini... 3/5

For those who don't like sweet and salty mixed, try the Bulgogi Beef Panini (S$17.50) which was a crowd favourite. The slightly sweet thinly sliced beef went well with the ciabatta for a satisfying bite. Again a little too pricey I reckon for the dish but at least it is not bad! 3.5/5

A hit that evening was this brunchy dish - fried eggs with garlic mushrooms (S$18.50), served with 2 slices of generic sourdough toast.  The garlic flavours with the earthy bites of mushroom negated the need for any meat. If the sourdough was even more amazing it would have been the MUST-TRY dish at Walking on Sunshine! 4/5

Do consider their signature dish if you are looking for something a bit more substantial! The coal-roasted chicken with miso pesto (S$23.50) using half organic spring chicken  did not disappoint this time. The chicken was tender, juicy and rocked tonnes of flavour. I only docked points for the amount of bones on the chicken.. 3.5/5

Lastly, we tried the Matcha Ice Cream with Waffles (S$12.50), which was one of the highlights for me during the meal because the waffle was chewy, yet crispy on the outside without being burnt. The smooth matcha ice cream also was the perfect compliment and overall the dish manages to look pretty at the same time! 4/5

Overall, Walking on Sunshine is actually quite the good chillax spot for a bite of food and having some coffee, tea while getting away from the hustle and bustle. Not many people know of this place so if you go at the right time you could probably finish half a good book (from the Gateway public library next door) in an afternoon!
Walking on Sunshine
#03-07 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Monday to Sundays: Salon from 10AM to 8PM; Cafe from 9AM to 10PM
Salon: +65 88778800 and Cafe: +65 88770088

Thanks to Walking on Sunshine for the invite!

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