Snack alert: Get ready for CNY2020 with

So I told the guys from when they wanted to send me some pineapple tarts to try in October that I would love to try it but there's no obligations for me to post on my blog about it. But, dear readers, I have an obligation to you to recommend the good stuff, and the tarts from is THE good stuff. And now that we are back in the New Year and CNY is approaching, it's time to start gathering all the goodies. Other than tarts they also sell other goodies so you can put all your orders in one basket :)

As you can see below, it is not the full amount in each bottle (20pc) because my human fam already got to them by the time I tried to gather the 4 flavours up for a family photo. There's the original (S$22.90), cheese (S$24.90), SIAO LA mala (S$27.90) and salted egg (S$26.90). Yup you heard right on the last two, the new upstarts have joined the mainstreamers!

I really enjoyed them because they are basically buttery balls of joy with a small bit of pineapple jam inside that isn't too sweet. So you get to taste more of the tart, which I think the team knows is their killer. It reminds me of a daintier, updated version of the famous golf ball sized tarts from LeCafe.

Anyway I highly recommend you guys to check them out for pineapple tarts this year to impress friends and family with something a little bit different. And if you're up for the challenge, they have 5x Volcano super-spicy pineapple tarts and if you can finish all 5 (S$10) in 3 minutes you get a $50 voucher. Not a bad deal eh! 

Thanks for the snacks! Wishing you all huat!

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