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No this isn't a sponsored post, but when SleepWiz emailed me to say they'll send me a Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow I was intrigued! Actually my good ol' pillow had no problems - but it was made like a conventional pillow and it was getting old. That means it got flatter with every sleep, and in time I would have to replace its insides. So I agreed to receive it and after trying it for a few months, the conclusion was I've been missing out! 
I reviewed the Plushopedic pillow in my vlog, check it out here

When I first received the memory fluff pillow, it came rolled up and was completely flattened. I was assured that it will go up to 3x its size if I 'fluff' it up, so I tried sort of dubiously. But it totally worked like magic!

After sleeping on it for 2 months I can safely say that its been super comfortable so far with no issues on my neck or shoulders. I think it's because I could 'adjust' it to my liking - I would squish it more if I wanted a taller pillow, or spread it out if I needed it to be lower.

By the way guys, the reason why I am sharing this is because SleepWiz is also giving a special 10% off for my readers of their top sellers from now till 15th March 2020, in conjunction with World Sleep Day.

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Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow (the one I tried) - RRP SGD39.90
ErgoLush™ Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper - RRP SGD87.90
Herculean™ All-Natural Latex Mattress Topper - RRP SGS209.90

There's also free local shipping and 7 days free trial, so why not?
Anyway thanks SleepWiz for sending across the pillow and you guys should definitely check them out :)

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