Weekly Vlog: More essential services closed and making my house suck less with Airbot Hypersonics vacuum

For the week of 20-26 April I go on video (with the help of Wuta cam makeup skillz) and talk about how we got a big announcement on Tuesday that caused panic buying of #bubbletea, how I made #pancakes from scratch cos I missed Mcd's hotcakes, and my mini review of the #Airbot Hypersonics Cordless Vacuum cleaner from Shopee (not sponsored)!

Oh also not featured in the vlog - I made some Hokkaido wagyu hamburg steak with glaze last Monday (I picked the raw patties from Don Don), paired with some white rice and furikake which was awesome.

Also last night at 7.55pm there was a commotion at our house because everyone was to sing Home and flash their torchlights. I took a few videos and uploaded it on Twitter. Haha.

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