Craft beer review: Alive Brewing Co. launched in Singapore, March 2020

It's been a hot minute since I've done a blog post, but I've got to write about the latest craft beer brewery to launch in our sunny Singapore shores, Alive Brewing Co.! Yes, it's my brother and his friend's brewery in Tuas that took more than a year to conceptualise, plan, set up and research on. And then when they finally launched, Covid-19 hit Singapore like a wrecking ball. So I guess you could say this is the strongest craft beer brand in Singapore that is... ALIVE brewing co. Hur. 

Alive Brewing Co. craft beers in Singapore

For Alive Brewing Co.'s 2020 drop, there's 3 beers so far, each brewed in a different style. Their vision is to follow classic beer styles and introduce new ones to Singaporeans in the freshest way possible - from tank to keg (or bottle) to mouth, hence the name of feeling "alive" when you taste it. Sounds good, so how does it taste?

Alive Brewing craft beers 2020

I'm here to give a totally lay(wo)man, non-beer drinker review of these beers then. I had been recommending them to my friends to order via their informal Google form since launch, but it was only lately that I've tried all 3 myself. A short review's in my latest vlog, but here are my thoughts in case you're curious and want to try them out (spoiler alert: just get the 3x2 bottles mixed pack for S$46).

Alive Brewing Co. beer review

First beer, One Night in Cologne (S$S45 for 6-pack or $85 for 12-pack, free delivery). This is a German-style light ale with 5.2% ABV. This was my favourite among the lot for how easy to drink and smooth it was. For an infrequent beer drinker like me, this could be easily finished in one sitting. Especially refreshing during a warm day. Nothing in particular really jumps out, which was precisely its draw.

Second was the False Sense of Security (S$S45 for 6-pack or $85 for 12-pack, free delivery), which is precisely what you will get as you get lured by its fruity scent into thinking you'll get a fruity sweet beer. Nope. As a hazy session IPA with 4.7% ABV it has the lowest alcohol content but a classic IPA taste which can be a little bitter compared to the Cologne, and definitely a cognitive dissonance from the smell. To me this represents what craft beers can be like - not just your typical commercial beers, but full of surprises!

Lastly, the one for beer drinkers. The Ministry of Plenty (S$S48 for 6-pack or $88 for 12-pack, free delivery) is the beer that keeps on giving (geddit? hurh). It's a Hot Side Pale Ale with 5.6% ABV and according to the website description, hot side is a kind of brewing technique where they added hops while it is still boiling (?? interesting..). It's very hoppy - bitter if you would - but with depth. I liked the complexity in the bitterness, which reminds me that life is full of light :P

There you have it, the 3 beers reviewed. I hope this intrigues you and makes you curious to want and try out Alive Brewing Co. - check out their website and click on the "Rabbit Hole" button to order (delivery is free and prices are nett). They are also on Instagram and Facebook so feel free to follow for new drops. #SUPPORTLOCAL #SAVEFNBSG pls :)

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