Restaurant food delivery review: laut Singapore

Not to be confused with Laut Singapura overseas, laut in Singapore is a new restaurant located in the CBD area at 17 Stanley St (near Telok Ayer, Amoy) that was just established in April 2020. To be born during Covid times is no mean feat, which is why I said yes when they offered to send over some food and cocktails for me to try. Of course I can't wait to dine in when Phase 2 starts this Friday, but for now let's go through their SEA regional cuisine! By the way, laut means the sea in Malay. 

What I liked about laut is their extensive use of Asian ingredients and flavours, but done in an elevated style such that you look at them again with a fresh perspective. I received 2 mains and a side, plus 2 types of cocktails and a custom pale ale. You can view their delivery menu here

Like...this, when you plate them up :) I was trying to imagine what it will be like to dine there, haha. The food had travelled well though, I must say. You could see from above the portion sizes as well. 

The first dish I tried - the Otah Sandwich (S$15) which saw local fish and shrimp otah (a sort of spicy fish paste that's grilled in banana leaf) and Nyonya achar pickles inside some really fluffy toasted white bread and paired with a side of tangy Asian-style coleslaw. While not extremely spicy, the otah managed to pack in some heat and was very enjoyable when paired with the soft bread and the crunchy pickes. The portion is maybe a bit small for a square meal, but definitely a good starter dish! 4.5/5

Speaking of starters, this Burnt Eggplant dip with curried papadum (S$15) blew me out of the water.
I completely did not expect the taste of both items and combined they were even better. The eggplant puree with chickpeas and tomato/onions were sourish, light and flavoursome and went really well with the papadums. The only thing was they got a bit soft after the photo-taking, but my dad managed to revive them 100% by putting them into the toaster! The crunch was so satisfying. The only downside to this dish is that it's rather pricey for the amount, esp. since there's no seafood/meat. 4/5

Then we come to the last dish, 120g of Tuna (S$15). Simply seared with green mango salad and chlorophyll sauce. See this, I don't get how it is $15 compared to the eggplant dip. The tuna was done perfectly and had substantial bite to it, and the green mango cuts through the good-fishy taste. And 120g was enough for a lunch! Highly recommend this, then. I was particularly pleased because everything's vegetarian or pescatarian. 4.5/5

For drinks, I was sent this limited edition Lemongrass + Bentong Ginger Pale Ale (6 for S$60) brewed for laut by Pink Blossoms Brewing, a local brewery. I've yet to try it but I've tried a few other Pink Blossoms beer which are delish! #supportlocal as well. 

They also have a range of bespoke cocktails with exotic ingredients. For example, the Grass cocktail (S$48 for 250ml which serves 2.5 pax - dine in cocktails at S$23+) which I tried. This was one of the most delish cocktails I've had, mainly due to the pickle brine in there, I suspect! Rojak gin was the base, so lots of savouriness. So good that I finished the entire 2.5 servings at a go. Hey it's quarantine, no judgements here.. :P 

There's also a Banana cocktail (S$48 for 250ml) made with Aged Malaysian Molasses, Buah Keluak Infusion, Gula Jawa and Pisang Berangan left that I am saving for a zichar night, since I suspect it will go well with it!

To conclude, for a new kid on the block, laut has managed to pivot their F&B to online with takeaways and deliveries and is a worthwhile entrant to our dining scene. The food was excellent and travelled well, and both the food and drinks hold the concept of Southeast Asian flavours and spices really well. I don't see any reason not to give them a try now, or pretty soon when dine-in is allowed! Cheers~

17 Stanley Street, Singapore 068736
+ 65 8878 8018 
Free island-wide delivery w. min S$50 order.
Please order 60 - 90 minutes in advance.
Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 8pm. Closed on Mondays.

Thanks to Damian and laut for sending the delicious food and cocktails!

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